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An introduction to quick loans in Ontario

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When you’re in need of additional emergency funds, getting quick loans in Ontario may be the short-term solution. These loans offer near-instant approval and cash to help you with sudden financial needs  

What is a quick loan? 

Quick loans are personal loans that Ontario residents can access on short notice. They may not have as high a value as traditional bank loans, but a quick loan can help you avoid the lengthy traditional loan application process at banks.  

As short-term loans, instant loans are a common loan choice for people with poor credit or little to no credit history. People may immediately think of unsecured loans, but other loans like a home equity solution with quick approval could provide more value and lower interest rates.  

Uses for quick loans 

Quick cash loans in Ontario can be used for multiple scenarios. The following three are only some common examples and are not limited to the possibilities instant loans can give.  

  • Debt consolidation—some quick loans can provide enough financial assistance to satisfy some loans or credit cards. It can help you simplify your monthly loan payments by letting you focus on just one or two at a time.  
  • Major life events—you can use a loan to help pay for vacations or large events. If you need the extra cash at a moment’s notice, a quick loan can provide in those situations. 
  • Other urgent expenses—sudden medical bills or necessary home repairs can cost more than you anticipate, and you may need a quick loan to cover unexpected expenses.  

Reasons why people choose quick loans in Ontario 

People in Ontario may have various reasons for preferring instant loans over traditional loans. Most have immediate financial needs, but a poor credit history inhibits them from getting approved at the bank. An instant loan is more accessible by comparison.  

  • Flexible approval criteria—Since quick approval loans allow you to access funding almost instantly, they are less likely to conduct a credit check. Although they are less likely to use your credit history, they may also have high-interest rates. 
  • Quick processing time—the most valuable feature of quick loans is that they provide you with financial support in less time than traditional loans. The approval process at banks and credit unions may take weeks.  
  • No collateral—some fast loans are unsecured loans, meaning that you don’t have to offer collateral. Instead, the lender may check for a steady income source. However, you can expect high interest rates and monthly payments for these types of loans. 

Home equity loans: quick loan alternatives 

Quick loans in Ontario are only one of a few ways to get additional financing for your goals. If you need another quick financing option and are a homeowner, a home equity loan may be one of the better choices.  

Home equity loans are lump sums that are secured by your property. Since they are secured loans, getting approved for them is not as challenging as getting approved for traditional loans. By providing your house as collateral, you guarantee the lender that you’ll repay the amount that you borrowed.  

The value of a home equity loan is determined by subtracting your outstanding mortgage balance from the appraised value of your home. The more equity you’ve built, the more you’ll be able to borrow. In Ontario, you could receive a loan worth hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the housing values there.

home equity calculation in Canada

Benefits of home equity loans as a quick loan alternative 

Home equity loans can provide some of the same advantages as quick loans and can be used for the same purposes. They are also processed more quickly and offer more flexibility. As a secured loan, a home equity loan requires collateral. As a result, they offer the following additional benefits.  

  • Approval based on equity—instead of getting approved based on your credit score, loan eligibility depends on how much equity you have in your home.  
  • More substantial loan amount—even a quarter of the equity value of your home can be a significant amount of money, giving you access to more funds than unsecured quick loans can normally give.  
  • Comparatively lower interest rates—interest rates on a home equity loan are lower than unsecured loans or credit card rates. You can save on interest while getting enough funding.  
  • Potential credit score improvement—if you use the money to repay multiple loans and credit cards, the credit bureau will see you’re diligent with your payments and increase your credit score accordingly.  

Getting a home equity loan with Alpine Credits 

Ontario residents may need short-term financial assistance for various reasons, like emergencies or major purchases. One of the best alternative lending options is a home equity loan, which offers more than enough funding and more flexible eligibility criteria.  

  1. Apply online—you can finish a loan application for a home equity loan within a few minutes. You don’t need to provide your credit score or other details of your financial background. The application will only ask about your home’s appraisal value. 
  2. Get approved—you’ll hear back about your loan approval within a few hours as long as you have enough equity. At Alpine Credits, the minimum required equity is 25%.  
  3. Receive your loan—the speed of home equity loans allows you to receive the funding within a few days. Alpine Credits will directly deposit the loan into your bank account, and you can use it to reach your goals right away.  

If you’d like to learn more about what home equity loans can do for you, contact a Financial Solutions Specialist at Alpine Credits, free of obligation. They can help you determine if home equity loans are the right fit for your financial situation and can guide you through the process.  

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Frequently asked questions

One way to borrow money and receive it almost instantly is with a home equity loan from Alpine Credits. If you’re a homeowner with at least 25% home equity, you have the opportunity for a quick and substantial loan  

Home equity loans from Alpine Credits are not only quickly processed, but they also offer an opportunity to improve your credit score. You can use the funds to repay multiple loans and outstanding balances, which can reflect positively on your credit rating.  

Alpine Credits has one of the fastest loan approval processes in Canada. If you own at least 25% of your home, you’ll hear back about your approval quick. 

Even with bad credit, you can get additional funding, and one way is through a home equity loan from Alpine Credits. Eligibility for a home equity solution depends on how much equity you have in your property. As long as you have the minimum, you could qualify for a loan.  

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