Vancouver housing marketing is rebounding from tax impact, with prices up 5% in three months.

Prices in Canada’s most expensive city for existing homes appear to have rebounded from the impact of a tax on foreign buyers as Vancouver realtors reported Tuesday a huge swing in demand for condominiums ....

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Average price of a home in Canada exceeds $500,000, thanks to two hot markets

The Canadian Real Estate Association says home sales though its MLS system hit their highest level since last April, gaining 5.2 per cent in February compared to January.

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Applications now open for 1st-time B.C. homebuyers loan

The CBC BC reports that applications are now open for the B.C. government's new Home Partnership Program. The program provides loans of up to $37,500 to help first-time homebuyers fund their down payment ....

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Province of BC to tax foreign buyers of Metro Vancouver homes

CBC BC reports that the provincial government took steps to reduce some of the pressure in Metro Vancouver’s real estate market by introducing legislation that would add a 15 per cent property transfer tax for foreign nationals buying real estate in Greater Vancouver ....

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World Health Day – 4 Tips for Healthy Living

World Health Day celebrated on April 7th was a gentle reminder some goals shouldn’t just be an annual “resolution”. Alpine Credits celebrated World Health Day in our office by dedicating the day to one key driver of health: personal wellbeing ....

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How to get out of debt now – before Canada’s spending bender comes home to roost

Canadian’s increased spending habits to some are what is keeping our economy afloat in a time where oil and the loonie have been volatile at best, and is what attracts high-end retailers to open their first ever locations ....

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Live Life to the Fullest – Most Popular New Year’s Resolution

The vast majority of us make New Years resolutions, but which ones are the most common amongst us? 5,000 people were surveyed and 45% said their top resolution for 2016 was to “live life to the fullest.”....

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5 Golden Rules of Goal Setting

The art of setting goals properly is often what separates the unsuccessful from the successful, and if you want to join the latter then you must follow these five simple rules from

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Greater Vancouver Property Value Increase

This year’s tax assessment values were quite surprising with a $90 billion increase in value of properties in the greater Vancouver area. Homeowners experienced a growth rate of about 28%....

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10 Tricks to Finding Cheap Investment Properties

Scouring the market for a good deal is like the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ of real estate; it’s time consuming and sometimes impossible. However, following a few rules can simplify the process. Here’s how bargain buys....

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