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Customer success stories

Canadians across the country use Alpine Credits to consolidate loans, complete home renovations, improve their financial status and more. Here are just a few examples of people we’ve helped.

Cherry, Vancouver BC

Goal: Business Capital

Cherry is a self-employed graphic designer and calligrapher from Vancouver who was seeing her business thrive, which made her more excited for the next stage of her career. To accomplish some of her goals she approached the bank to get a loan. Unfortunately, she was met with a stressful and time-consuming application process. The qualification requirements associated with the mortgage stress test used by the bank was a problem because she was self-employed.

Even though she was financially stable, Cherry found it hard to obtain loans from banks because of her self-employment, so she turned to Alpine Credits and looked into a home equity loan. It was a timely and efficient application process with a quick approval, which lifted a lot of stress and weight off her shoulders. The home was valued at just over a million dollars. Through it, she could get the financing she needed to expand her art business. Cherry received a loan worth $200,000, and now she continues to make a name for herself as an artist.

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Shawn, Calgary AB

Goal: Newcomer to Canada

Shawn came to Calgary from South Korea to start an exciting new adventure, getting the keys to his own condominium shortly after his arrival. A few years later, he found that taking transit was no longer sustainable for him and looked into getting a car. However, Shawn could not meet the minimum credit score to get an auto loan from the bank. Since he was fairly new to Canada, he did not have much time to build his creditworthiness.

Shawn was met with disappointment, but he didn’t give up, looked for alternatives, and contacted one of the financial solutions specialists at Alpine Credits to discuss the options available to him. One of them was a home equity loan, which allowed him to be flexible and take out only what he needed. He received a loan of $45,000 from his equity. With it, Shawn was able to get a car that takes him on new adventures and lets him save time on his commute.

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William, Kelowna BC

Goal: Home Renovation

William and his brothers had been living in their home in Kelowna for several years, but the appliances and interior decoration was starting to become an outdated eyesore as well as an inconvenience to the brothers’ overall living experience. Having had enough of trying to fix the appliances and the leaking bathroom taps, he decided it was time for a home renovation. The problem was that William’s overall credit score didn’t meet the banks’ expectations for the loan, and he wasn’t willing to withdraw such a large amount from his emergency funds.

Instead, he looked into alternative lending at Alpine Credits. Since William had paid a significant amount down on the mortgage, the house held a substantial amount of equity, which Alpine Credits helped him access. With the loan of $30,000, William was able to have the kitchen and bathroom renovated. William and his brothers now enjoy their home much more with a new kitchen and bathroom updates.

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Norman, Toronto ON

Goal: Loans Consolidation

Norman from Toronto is a man late in his career and is nearing his retirement; however, he still had $50,000 in debt across multiple streams. He thought about obtaining a loan to consolidate his debt with his local bank, but due to his debt to income ratio, he could not receive a loan through traditional lending. Feeling determined, he looked into other solutions and found Alpine Credits.

Norman contacted the team of financial solutions specialists and got answers for all his questions regarding loans and home equity. He pleasantly discovered that his property value was more than he realized. Within the next day, Norman got a consolidation loan approved, receiving the $50,000 to cover his debt. Now, he experiences more financial freedom because his monthly payments went down from $1300 a month to just $445. Norman is excited to finish his career and start thinking about a retirement free of stress.

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Joe, Hamilton ON

Goal: Investment Property Loans

Joe from Hamilton, Ontario wanted to have an extra source of cash to support his family and his retirement. He came up with the idea to purchase an investment property. As excited as he was, Joe found that applying for a mortgage for a condominium in the city proved easier said than done. The process was strict and lengthy at the bank, causing Joe to feel more stress.

Wanting to save time and energy, Joe found an alternative at Alpine Credits and decided to inquire more. He discovered that he could use his home equity to put a down payment on the investment property of his choice. Joe received a home equity loan of $400,000 for the down payment on the investment condominium and was able to make the purchase. Now, with the investment property making rental income, Joe is able to use the profits to pay his debts and support the endeavours with his family.

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Isabella and Leslie, Edmonton AB

Goal: Business Capital

Isabella and Leslie are a couple from Edmonton who have been living in their house for nearly a decade. Keeping an eye on the housing market, they saw their chance to refinance their mortgage to obtain some extra funds to start the business they had been discussing for over two years. Unfortunately, their credit history could not meet the banks’ standard to carry out a remortgage. The mortgage stress test and strict requirements made getting approved for their desired refinancing very difficult.

With the challenges presented by the bank, Isabella and Leslie decided to look at alternative lenders to the banks. They contacted Alpine Credits and got the guidance they needed by talking with one of the financial solutions specialists. The couple found that they could access their home equity without extra qualification criteria. Within a week, they obtained the $180,000 they needed to start their new business and were looking forward to the next chapter in their careers.

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