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How homeowner loans work

As a homeowner in Canada, you have a wide array of loan options and financial resources available to you. To meet your financial objectives, it’s important to understand which option works best for you. 

What is a homeowner loan?

A homeowner loan is a financing option catered specifically towards homeowners. Lenders provide borrowers with multiple homeowner loan options, including a traditional first mortgage loan and a second mortgage like a home equity loan.  

Canadian homeowners can secure a homeowner loan with banks, alternative lenders, or government programs. Lending criteria may vary from one lender to the next, so understanding these requirements and how they correspond to your financial needs can help simplify your decision.  

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How to secure a homeowner loan?

A homeowner loan is an excellent solution for Canadian homeowners looking to unlock their homes’ financial potential. What’s more, the process for securing a homeowner loan is straightforward.   

  1. Look for a reliable lender- you can secure your homeowner loan with online lenders, banks, or government initiatives. Alpine Credits has helped tens of thousands of homeowners use their home equity to achieve their financial goals. 
  2. Apply for the loan- you can apply by filling out a simple application form online. Most lenders have digital application forms that can be found on their websites.  
  3. Provide any required documentation- prepare to provide certain documents like proof of appraisal and previous mortgage statements that highlight your current mortgage balance. Providing documents like these is standard procedure in most applications. 
  4. Wait for approval- after choosing your lender and applying for the loan, all that’s left is for you to wait until your application is approved. Approval times vary across different lenders; with Alpine Credits, it takes less than a day.

Benefits of a homeowner loan

Canadian homeowners can access funds to meet financial goals in Canada through a homeowner loan. It can give them the financial platform they need to achieve their financial goals and access financial services and products they were previously unable to.  

  • Fund major expenses- a homeowner loan can give homeowners access to a substantial amount of funds that can be used to finance significant costs like a home renovation project or investing in a business.  
  • Flexible use- the funds from your homeowner loan can be used as you see fit. You can use them to enhance your home, pay outstanding medical bills, or fund your children’s education. The choice is entirely up to you.  
  • Access equity without selling – instead of selling your home, you can use the equity available in your home to access a significant amount of financial support. 

Conclusion: The value of a homeowner loan

A homeowner loan is the perfect financing option to support both experienced and first-time homeowners as they look towards unlocking the financial power of their homes.   

Alpine Credits is one of the most experienced home equity loan providers in Canada with over 50 years of industry experience.  If you have paid at least 25% of your property’s value, you are eligible for a home equity loan from Alpine Credits. The process is smoother and faster than at major banks because you don’t need to provide your credit score.

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Frequently asked questions

You can borrow up to 75% of your home equity, which is calculated by subtracting your outstanding mortgage from the current value of your home. 

Second mortgages can benefit homeowners as they can be secured at lower interest rates than other alternatives. This is because the borrower’s home secures the loan, making lenders feel more comfortable providing competitive interest rates. Moreover, second mortgages like home equity loans are easier to qualify for than other alternatives.  

For instance, if you own a home and apply with an alternative lender like Alpine Credits, your credit score and income status won’t be considered. This isn’t the case when you apply for a traditional consolidation loan with a bank.  

Your monthly payment amount depends on the interest rate your lender offers. As such, to gain an accurate estimate, you can reach out to one of our Financial Solution Specialist. They are available to support you and provide more information about homeowner loans.