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Category: Home equity loan

Debt consolidation loan alternative to bankruptcy.

Consolidating debt: A bankruptcy alternative

When you’re dealing with a lot of debt, you have a handful of options, like home equity debt consolidation loans, to become financially free. Many people think about filing for bankruptcy, but it has to be completely understood before you decide it is your solution to relieving your debt.

good credit score with debt consolidation

Good credit scores with debt consolidation

For some, their financial goal is to improve their credit score, which can be done through a few ways including partnering with banks and alternative lenders. One distinctive method that has helped many reach their credit score goals is debt consolidation.

Consolidate Your Debt through a Home Equity Loan

Consolidate your debt through a home equity loan

Anyone can achieve financial freedom with the right tools. With all these options on how to consolidate your debt, you want to choose what is best for you. Personal loans, debt management, debt settlement, and home equity loans are the most common methods, but it’s important to understand each one before making your first step.

Having questions about debt consolidation loans is normal, and Alpine Credits can provide you with clarity so you can start your journey to financial freedom.

An introduction to debt consolidation loans

Outstanding balances that are owed to credit cards, mortgages, and auto loans are the source of financial stress for Canadians. A common solution to make monthly payments more manageable is with debt consolidation through home equity. Understanding what the effects are and what this means for you as a homeowner is an important step.

Get home renovation loans with bad credit

Get home renovation loans with bad credit

Renovating your home is an exciting endeavour. Seeing your home get a full makeover has many benefits, but it’s important that you consider how you can cover the cost of home renovations, even more so if you’re faced with having bad credit. In those situations, you can reach out to Alpine Credits for a home renovation loan through your home equity.

What is Debt Consolidation

What is debt consolidation & how does it work?

Have you been juggling debt payments and feel like there’s no end in sight? If this sounds like you, you may be wondering: What is debt consolidation, and how does debt consolidation work? Consolidating your debt might be just what you need to get your finances back on track and make your payments more manageable.

How to Take Equity Out of Your Home in Canada

How to take equity out of your home?

There are various methods on how you can pull equity out of your home without having to sell it or withdraw a costly personal loan. These options can allow you to access much needed funds for personal, business, or investment reasons, and let you do so by leveraging the highly competitive real estate market.

Home Equity 101. What Is it and How Does It Work

Home equity 101: What is it & how does it work

In this article, we’ll make it easier to answer questions like “what is home equity?” and “how does home equity work?” By the end, you should have a better understanding of what home equity is referring to and how you can leverage it towards getting the funding you need.

Cash Out Refinance in Canada

Cash out refinance in Canada: All you need to know

When refinancing your mortgage, you can choose to increase the size of the mortgage loan that you’ve taken out with your lender. Doing so increases the amount of money you owe the lender, but the difference in amount between your previous mortgage amount and the new one can be withdrawn as cash. This is known as a cash out refinance in Canada.

Are Interest Rates Going Up in Canada

Are interest rates going up in Canada?

At the beginning of March 2022, the Bank of Canada announced its first interest rate increase since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that interest rates in Canada as a whole are likely starting to shift up as the economy begins to recover and the country learns to deal with the pandemic.

Home Equity Line of Credit: New Rules in Canada | Alpine Credits

Home equity line of credit: New rules in Canada

New mortgage rules have been put into place that make it more difficult for Canadians to access their home equity through traditional avenues. These rules also come with higher interest rates, and together, qualifying for home equity line of credit options is harder than ever before.

How to avoid a mortgage penalty in Canada

How to avoid a mortgage penalty in Canada

Breaking your mortgage comes with expensive penalty fees. For any number of reasons, homeowners within a mortgage term might find a need to break their mortgage. Others might have extra income to prepay their mortgage term. However, you may be shocked to learn about the steep penalty fees associated with prepaying or breaking a mortgage.

Consolidating debt into a mortgage

Consolidating debt into a mortgage

If you have high-interest debt, are you wondering “Can I consolidate debt into a mortgage?” Any kind of debt can be hard to pay down and get permanently dissolved if the interest charges keep accruing. Many people may feel at a loss on what to do to start making a dent in their high-interest debt.

Using your RRSP for a down payment on an investment property

Using your RRSP for a down payment on an investment property

While using your RRSP to buy an investment property might seem like a great idea, there are many things to consider before cashing out. Keep reading to learn more about why this may not be such a smart move and how Alpine Credits can help you secure better financing.

heated floor cost in Canada

How much do heated floors cost in Canada?

Heated flooring makes for a luxurious addition to any Canadian home, offering a warmth that radiates much more evenly than forced air from an HVAC system. Keep reading to learn about heated floor costs and how Alpine Credits can help you cover them.

RRSP withdrawal rules after retirement

RRSP withdrawal rules after retirement

RRSP withdrawal rules after retirement can be tricky to navigate, especially since they’re constantly changing. In this post, we’ll give you an overview of RRSP rules after retirement, show you how to find quality advice, and discuss alternative sources of cash in case you’d like to let your nest egg grow for a while longer.