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Greater Vancouver Property Value Increase

Each New Year brings planning, resolutions, holiday bills and BC tax assessments.  As Vancitybuzz reports, this year’s tax assessment values were quite surprising with a whopping $90 billion increase in value of properties in the greater Vancouver area.  East Vancouver homes were amongst the biggest earners in property value as homeowners experienced a growth rate of about 28%.  In addition, neighborhoods stretching from Coquitlam to Squamish saw values grow by over 20%.

From these latest statistics, British Columbia seems to be a strong market overall with the total number of homes on the BC Assessment reaching a value of $1.34 trillion, an overall increase of about 11% from this time last year.  As a reference for you, we have included a table that shows the increases in property values by area (see below).

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Article from Vancitybuzz by Jill Slattery.
(Greater Vancouver Real Estate Assessments Grew by $90 Billion in 2015)

Muncipality /
(year built)
2015 Assessment Roll
(marked value
as of July 1, 2014)
2016 Assessment Roll
(marked value
as of July 1, 2015)
% Change
in Value
(2016 vs 2015)
City of Vancouver
West Side Single-Family-33′ Lot, 19641,575,0001,940,000+23%
East Side Single-Family-33′ Lot, 1983993,0001,267,000+28%
West Side Strata Low-rise, 2002615,000662,000+8%
East Side Strata Low-rise, 2003381,000405,000+6%
City of North Vancouver
Boulevard Single-Family, 19081,006,0001,137,000+13%
Hamilton Single-Family, 1950s1,226,0001,466,000+20%
Lower Lonsdale Strata Townhouse, 1995692,000729,000+5%
Central Lonsdale Strata High-rise, 2001317,000333,000+5%
District of North Vancouver
Blueridge Single-Family, 1961895,0001,063,000+19%
Lynn Valley Single-Family, 1971993,0001,126,000+13%
Upper Lonsdale Strata Low-rise, 1990414,000441,000+7%
Lynn Valley Strata Townhouse, 1979583,000628,000+8%
District of West Vancouver
Ambleside Single-Family, 19481,856,0002,144,000+16%
Waterfront Single-Family, 19673,542,0004,380,000+24%
Altamont Strata Townhouse, 20011,139,0001,210,000+6%
Dundarave Strata Low-rise, 19951,024,0001,094,000+7%
District of West Squamish
Garibaldi Highlands Single-Family, 1964543,000667,000+23%
Downtown Single-Family, 1950366,000432,000+18%
Garibaldi Estates Strata Townhouse, 2002324,000374,000+15%
Garibaldi Estates Strata Low-rise, 1992183,000192,000+15%
Resort Municipality of Whistler
Whistler Cay Single-Family, 19961,989,0002,330,000+17%
Alpine Meadow Single-Family, 1950954,0001,138,000+19%
Village Strata Townhouse, 1997521,000550,000+6%
Blackcomb Benchlands Strata Townhouse, 1995672,000703,000+5%
City of Burnaby
Capitol Hill Single-Family, 1946760,000937,000+23%
Buckingham Single-Family, 19711,470,0001,862,000+27%
Metrotown Strata High-rise, 1992480,000511,000+6%
Sullivan Heights Strata Townhouse, 1972398,000433,000+9%
City of Coquitlam
Central Coquitlam Single-Family, 1980’s852,0001,000,000+17%
Westwood Plateau Single-Family, 1992848,0001,021,000+20%
Town Centre Strata High-rise, 2009342,000375,000+10%
Maillardville Strata Townhouse, 1989351,000377,000+7%
City of Port Coquitlam
Citadel Heights Single-Family, 1990’s705,000805,000+14%
Lincoln Park Single-Family, 1970’s534,000620,000+16%
Downtown, Strata Low-rise, 2007260,000280,000+8%
Citadel Strata Townhouse, 1994496,000520,000+5%
City of Port Moody
Hertiage Woods Single-Family, 19971,150,0001,349,000+17%
North Shore Single-Family, 1970’s873,0001,019,000+17%
Newport Strata High-rise, 2005353,000394,000+12%
Newport Strata Low-rise, 1996357,000414,000+16%
City of New Westminister
Queen’s Park Single-Family, 1910’s1,076,0001,209,000+12%
Sapperton Single-Family, 1960’s776,000909,000+17%
Sapperton Strata High-rise, 1992415,000436,000+5%
Brow of the Hill Strata Low-rise, 1993301,000335,000+11%