At Alpine Credits, we are proud to be one of Canada’s leading alternative to the banks.

Here’s what some of our recent customers have to say about their experience:

“I would like to extend a very special thank-you to my broker for his superb service. His utmost competence made this process way more easily than I had anticipated.”

– Osei

“I wanted to take a couple of minutes to let you know how appreciative I am for the work that my broker put in over the past few days to start and finish the process of second mortgaging my home. She was extremely professional and pleasant and very informative throughout the process. She made a usually tedious or stressful process pleasant and pain-free.”

– Rick

“Thank you very much for everything you have done, Alpine. Words can’t express my gratitude.”

– Annmarie

“I found Alpine Credits through the Better Business Bureau.  The reviews were very positive about the service and staff of your company.  I admit to some skepticism but on the basis of these reviews I decided to call Alpine Credits to discuss a secured loan. My experience with you leaves me thinking that the reviews on the BBB site were genuine, and that I wholeheartedly concur with their positive comments.”

– Sarah

“It’s so comforting having someone in my corner. I appreciate all of Alpine’s help and will definitely refer their team to others. Thank you again, Alpine.”

– Debbie

“My broker was solicitous, courteous and friendly.  He was always extremely prompt in getting back to me when he said he would or if I had questions for him. I found him to be very honest in discussing the terms of the loan and very patient with all my enquiries.  In short, he was an excellent representative of Alpine Credits.”

– Sarah

“I have dealt with several banks for loans and mortgages and it has been a painful process but you made it so simple and easy for us.”

– Carys

“The person I spoke with was so professional in knowing how to put together our financial requirements.”

– Becky

“The lending specialist was very friendly, very knowledgeable and made the experience less stressful.”

– Matt

“It was a pleasure working with you folks. You were very upfront and honest.”

– Jason and Alex

“My broker was friendly, understanding, helpful, and professional.”

– Martha

“I can’t explain to you what peace of mind this money has brought me. When I re-mortgaged with the banks it was a nightmare. I was asked so many personal questions and had to jump through so many hoops, and when all was said and done, I wasn’t given the amount originally discussed at the rate that had been told I would receive. But dealing with yourself and everyone else at Alpine Credits was a breeze. You answered all my many questions, and always returned my emails and phone calls promptly. Thank you!”

– Lynn

“Once again thank you for everything! We are so grateful we called you. Your customer service was unparalleled and you made the entire process nearly stress-free. We can’t thank you enough and we will definitely recommend you to anyone in need of financial help.”

– Lisa & Mike

“I wanted to bring to your attention the excellent customer service I have received over the past many months from the mortgage specialist of Alpine Credits. I found him to be responsive, thorough, clear, comprehensive, informative and above all very patient. He followed up with me whenever asked and provided great information that led me to trust Alpine Credits and the products they offer.”

– Sarah

“I recently closed my 2nd mortgage deal with Alpine Credits. My loan manager, who was with me from application to funds being credited to my account. I want you and the company to know what a great experience I had from start to finish. She was always available to me any time I had any questions, concerns or just wanted an update. The process was very organized, simple and straightforward. I found no hidden fees or surprises and things went so smoothly and quickly. It has changed my life to have this financial burden lifted through my 2nd mortgage with Alpine Credits and I will definitely be recommending your company any time I can. I can’t express through an e-mail how pleasant it was to deal with her. Her professionalism and knowledge of your product is impressive to say the least. She was personable at the same time and made it very comfortable when a situation like this might make one a little nervous and anxious. Thank you again and continued success with this excellent product. Best Regards!”

– Shelley

“Thank you so much!  It truly was great working with someone like you – extremely efficient, knowledgable, awesome customer service!  I am happy to recommend your company to anyone who needs financial assistance. Thank you again and all the best!”

– Kirsten

“One of your mortgage  specialist is one of the nicest, friendliest people that I have ever met out of all of the people who I deal with in business. Dealing with him is like hanging out with my best friend. He is always clear and concise when explaining my mortgages and always has the answers to my questions. His attitude towards his job is beyond reproach and I would recommend him to anyone!”

– Steve

“Alpine has been a huge help in getting a business going and a second home. The staff I have dealt with have been kind, helpful and informed. The girls in the administration are always pleasant with kind smiles and professional.”

– Carmen

“I just wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you how much we appreciated the services of your employees. They worked with us from November until last week in order to help us find a way to qualify for and receive a small home equity loan, based on the sale of our house. Their unrelenting assistance, professionalism, and good cheer helped us accomplish our goal and were a bright spot when everywhere else we turned was saying no.  Be sure to do what you can to retain the services of these employees for your company. Thanks again.”

– Linda and Al

“Alpine Credits gave me a $25,000 loan to consolidate my debts when my bank who’ve I’ve been with for more than 20 years turned me away. Your mortgage broker was very professional and the process was fast and easy. They helped me in a time of need and my monthly payment is quite reasonable (around $230). Thank you!”

– Soren

“Good Morning, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know what a pleasure it was dealing with you during my recent loan process.  Your professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile for me really shone through.  I appreciate you continually keeping me up to date with the process, even though you were doing it on your own time, nights and weekends. 

You were wonderful to deal with and I appreciate you going the extra mile for me.  You were a delight to go through this process with.”

– Tanya

“Hi, I just want to say that you for talking to me and approving us after I got off the phone with you. I almost cried I have been so stressed out with CRA making so many threats and telling me we will lose our home and basically put my husband out of business!! I had such a relief someone is willing to help us, I was dumbfounded after bank strung us along and said NO! Thanks again you have no idea how much this means to us!”

– Cheryl

“I just want to Thank, Alpine Credits for all the help they have done to help us in a difficult time and get us back on track. The effort they put forth to get us the 2nd mortgage was greatly appreciated. They were always informative of what was going on to complete the transaction. I recommend Alpine Credits to anyone in need. Thanks for all your help!”

– Francesco

“Good morning to you! l just want to say thanks to alpine for the past couple of years that they have help me out my messy mortgage and all. But as you were aware you are the one that told me come January it was going to jump up l was really hoping you could of help me to get into a good mortgage but it is what it is. l am good to go for a year with home trust at 5% and everything paid and now no debts. again thank you most kindly for helping this old lady out of her mess. l feel that I did the right thing. Thanks, my friends at Apline Credits, from your client!”

– Kulyk

“Just wanted to let you know that I can’t thank you enough for saving me and for dealing with me and helping me to make the right decisions with my apartment. I have found renters and they have signed a year lease with me so I will finally be able to put one foot forward and start looking in the right direction. 

Thank you again. I appreciate the fact that you were stern and affirmative at the same time with me as this was so close to being takin away. Take care and I will pass your name to anyone I can. Cheers!”

– John

“One morning I was having coffee and I was listening to the radio, when Alpine Credits advertisement came on the radio. I e-mailed Alpine and was given the name of one of your mortgage brokers to help me answer my questions regarding financing. He asked a few questions and before I knew it my financing was in my bank to take care of some consolidations I have incurred.

The mortgage broker was also very pleasant and always got back to me when I was a little eager. I had my money within two weeks, without feeling of a doubt that my loan wouldn’t go thru. He made me feel comfortable and had told me several times that everything was okay. We did our talking over the phone or email and took care of the business where I live, so I didn’t have to drive far. Once the paperwork went through I was so happy. I consolidated my bills and managed to put some money away. Alpine kept my loan payments reasonable so I wouldn’t be financially strapped every month.

I would recommend Alpine Credits to my friends and I hope that I can always go back to them for any future finances I may need. I am very pleased with your mortgage broker, he was a delight to conduct business with. thanks so much Alpine Team!”

– Galbraith

“We are writing this recommendation letter on behalf of your mortgage broker and Alpine Credit. Having always obtained financing with the traditional banks, this was our first time approaching and dealing with an alternative lending institution and we can say that our experience was an exceptional one.

At the onset, your mortgage broker was very approachable, professional and willing to work with us in acquiring the additional funds that met our needs. We were quite surprised and pleased at the minimal length of time that it took for Alpine Credit to process our application.

We would definitely recommend Alpine Credit to anyone seeking funds, and will definitely deal with Alpine Credit in the future, should the need arise.”

– Soukeroff

“We would like to Thank your mortgage broker and the Alpine Group for the very professional and courteous service that we received. We will be recommending him to any friends, family and associates that may need your services. We particularly feel that his service and expediency in handling our requests was commendable.

Thanks again for treating us like friends/family and not like just another client as we have experienced with other firms in the past. Its been a pleasure doing business with you.”

– Rautiala

“I have recently completed some financing with your company, with the help of your mortgage broker. I was in the office on Tuesday September 9th, 2008, signing mortgage documents, and my loan was ready the very next day.

I am extremely pleased with the pleasant service and professionalism by him; and with the very quick turnaround with my loan application.

I have never experienced such immediate and easy loan approval and financing. This has really helped me, as I needed the funds for a small purchase – right away.

I will make sure to mention Alpine Credits, and the exceptional service provided by him, to family and friends; and others who would wish such exemplary service and expedient financing.”

– Hanley

“Thank you. It was a please to meet with you and I am glad the description of your office is accurate. I find you get a good sense from meeting with people as to how they conduct their business and I certainly felt that you are professional, treat your borrowers like clients and not “debtors” and that your office and associates conduct yourselves ethically.”

– Jeffrey

“We are pleased and happy to have met Alpine Credits team. They have helped and explained all the details before we signed the paper work. We would gladly refer come clients to them in the future.”

– Esrella and Jess

“I am writing to thank my case manager and the other associates who have helped me over the past, allowing me to access the equity in my home to help build my business and finish renovations on our home. The staff was extremely helpful and provided me with some good guidance on these matters and more. I would gladly recommend them to others and they provided assistance when the bank would not. Being self employed is a major hurdle to overcome and thanks to Alpine Credits we will surely prosper with out business.”

– Michael

“I am very appreciative of the prompt service which I have received, and thank you very much for taking time our of your lunch hour to accommodate me. So far it has been a pleasure dealing with you and at this point I have no suggestions for improvements. So far so good.”

– Assad

“We shopped around a little for our second mortgage and decided on Alpine. Jason Schoen is 100% the reason. Not pushy, good information given and excellent people skills for us. Excellent representative for Alpine. Thank you. P.S. Glad you are a Canadian, BC owned!”

– Irma

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help. We greatly appreciate it. Everyone that we dealt with at Alpine was so pleasant and helpful. You took the time to help us out with the mortgage, you were great. Thanks again for all your help.”

– Wendy & Michelle

“Thank you for your gracious and professional service. When I cam to you I was nervous, unsure and had no idea what taking equity from my home would entail. I had been raised to believe that your home was something you just paid for every month not something you could depend on to help you through a rough patch or realize a dream. I was not at all aware of the options open to me, what I did know was the bank was not going to support my goals of becoming a small business owner. The simple, detailed explanations along with reasonable rate gave me peace of mind at a difficult period in my life, it was a huge relief to do business with you and the Alpine Group and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future.”

– Karen

“Alpine Credits thank you for your outstanding, professional service. Mr. Chris Ingram was direct and prompt with answers to me needs and questions. Alpine gave me the money to increase my property and gave me peace of mind at a very difficult period in my life. Thank you Chris, Thank you Alpine I would recommend your company to anyone. Please keep my file, as im sure that I will be an ongoing client.”

– Dianne

“To date, our experience with Alpine Credits has been great. They have treated us with respect and they have processed our request with great speed and efficiency. Thank you.”

– Roland

“We found Alpine Credits Limited very good to work with. Their staff was very pleasant and easy to talk to. They were very fast and willing to go the extra mile to accommodate our request. Over all we had a good experience dealing with Alpine Credits.”

– James

“Thank you so much for all your help and diligence. You have been a pleasure to deal with and I think you have without hesitation Alpine has done its best to satisfy our needs, even with unexpected challenges.”

– Donna

“Jason is one of the nicest, friendliest people that I have ever met. Out of all of the people who I deal with in business; dealing with Jason is like hanging out with my best friend. He is always clear and concise when explaining my mortgage and always has the answers to my questions. His attitude toward his is beyond reproach and I would recommend him to anyone!”

– Stew

“I am writing this letter, to you, to express my gratitude for treating me in a respectful, honest, and dignified manner during our course of business. I am completely impressed with the speed, preciseness, thoroughness that you focused on my equity loans. That combined with simple, detailed explanations throughout the entire process made the experience for me stress free. It has simply been a refreshing pleasure to do business with you and Alpine Credits Limited and I look forward to the same in the future.”

– Donald

“One morning I was hiving coffee and I was listening to the radio, when the Alpine Credits advertisement came on the radio I emailed Alpine and was given the name of Colin Atwood to help me answer my questions regarding financing. Colin asked a few questions and before I knew it my financing was in my bank to take care of some consolidations I have incurred. Colin was very pleasant and always got back to me when I was feeling a bit eager. I had my money within two weeks, without feeling of a doubt that my loan wouldn’t go thru. Colin made me feel comfortable and had told me several time that everything was okay. We did our talking over the phone or e-mail and took care of the business where I live, so I didn’t have to drive very far, once the paperwork went through I was so happy, and managed to put some money away. Alpine kept my loan payments reasonable so I wouldn’t be financially strapped every month. I would recommend Colin Atwood and the Alpine Group to my friends and I hope that I can always go back to Alpine for any future finances I may need. I am very pleased with Colin, he was a delight to conduct business with.”

– Darlene

“I have dealt with Alpine Credits for over 2 years and I am very pleased with their service, honesty, due diligence and would recommend them to anyone in the need of their assistance.”

– Marke

“Thank you for helping us through the most difficult time in our lives. I have never experienced losing our home, our business. We had no money to pay our bills, we kept getting collection notices. We didn’t have our gas on all winter, we had someone give us a small heater to keep one room warm for seven months, our cable and internet were gone and disconnected; telephone and hydro we kept up. We hardly had any income coming in.
To our rescue, we called Alpine Credits and on the end of the phone was this wonderful man Colin Atwood. He was so helpful to us. We spoke over the phone, all the numbers we could work and came up with a solution. Our home was ready to go into foreclosure in 8 days and the sheriff came to my work and be hand gave me a summons and I said “what is this”, he replied “I am just the messenger”. I was absolutely shocked, and never thought it would ever happen to us.
The next day I made an appointment with Alpine Credits and Colin said just come in at 1:30pm and we will definitely work something out for you. My husband and I sat down and wrote up another 1st mortgage and 2nd mortgage. The monies were paid to the bank in that week and we were given the money to pay our bills, 3 months mortgage, and spending money to help get us on our feet. We are so grateful to Colin Atwood for opening up his heart to such a stressful and hurting couple. Colin is so honest and trustworthy; it was such an honour to know him.
Thank you for being there when we needed you the most in our lives! We are so grateful to you, you are to be commended for what you have done!”

– Fraser & Jennifer

“Great job! Fast and very helpful, no hassle if I need assistance in the future I wouldn’t hesitate to call or recommend Alpine!”

– Samuel

“Dwayne and I would just like to thank you and Alpine Credits for all the help iover the past few years. Your service is great, you always make us feel right at home. Thanks again for everything.”

– Kim and Dwayne

“Once in contact with Alpine, the ball started rolling. I found that our appointments were made at a time convenient for us, the office setting was comfortable, everything was presented in a concise and clear manner. We felt no pressure whatsoever and felt we were treated with respect. Our questions were answered and everything was discussed thoroughly. The most important fact for me was that I never felt embarrassed of ashamed, it was very difficult for me to admit to needing help and they never made me feel awkward of uncomfortable. For that I am thankful. I am looking forward to a successful transaction and would recommend your organization to family and friends.”

– Holly

“Have had a great relationship with Alpine Credits- was always there for me when I needed them. It is easy to put projects together and east to pay off the loan.”

– Marie

“Susan was extremely helpful with the application and loan process. And she went above and beyond to provide me with information and services.”

– Gordon

“Just a thanks to Alpine credits for the help and fast approval of my loan, now my financial situation is much better, so far I can say it was a pleasant opportunity to deal with Chris, he did a wonderful job.”

– Luis

“I thank you for the fast and helpful service and the speed to do business. The timing was good and fast, and I will tell others. Thank you!”

– James

“I have found all of my dealings with Alpine Credits to be excellent. Their, Jason provides fantastic service to any clients we refer and is always willing to take the time to answer any questions I may have. I look forward to continuing to build a relationship with Jason and the Alpine Group in the future.”

– Derek

“All of my conversations with Jason has been amazing and he has been very thorough answering questions, even the silly ones!”

– Tisha

“The “paper work” was easy to understand and was done quickly.”

– Cher

“Excellent, very informative and answered all my questions. The staff explained everything in layman’s terms.”

– Shanon

“When Alpine Credits was suggested by a friend, I asked what a “company in Surrey that I have not heard of”?  The answer I got was your personal kind of customer service that your company must recognize and appreciate. As a very satisfied and grateful customer of Alpine, I have told all my acquaintances (and everyone else who listened) about you and your company…as I feel that it is the only way my family can really say to you…Thank you!”

– Diego

“The service I received has been excellent. Susan has helped me out a lot; she is very friendly and helpful.”

– Thomas

“It has been my pleasure to deal with your company. I would like to take this chance to say that my case worker always made me feel special and went out of his way whenever I had issues.”

– Marline

“Great service and the mortgage was approved within an hour. Very pain free! Thank you.”

– Leslie

“I recently contacted The Alpine Group regarding a non-standard mortgage financing request. They displayed the highest level of professionalism and commitment throughout the process, and worked diligently to satisfy my financial needs. I want to commend and thank them for providing a truly superior level of service and integrity. I will not hesitate to contact The Alpine Group in the future again should my financing need warrant it.”

– Bart

“Friendly atmosphere and I was welcomed nicely. Easy to understand for the average guy and I would recommend Alpine if the need and circumstances arise for someone I know.”

– Richard

“The fast, friendly service provided was exceptionally impressive. When I First called to speak with one of their experts on the phone, I must say his warm, friendly voice was one factor that prompted me to choose ALPINE to help me with my financial goals. I was further convinced I had chosen the right people to work with when I met with you personally to work out a good plan. The level of knowledge and professionalism was remarkable and instrumental in helping me make informed choices and decisions.”

– Poh

“Thank you very much for looking after me so well and your help. I was very pleased with the service I received and will gladly recommend you to anyone. Even on the phone I got a better answer than I got from the bank in person, thank you again.”

– Sigrid

“They have been very accommodating and have been very helpful and I appreciate this excellent service.”

– John

“Please accept my gratitude for the wonderful work that you have done on my behalf. The service was impeccable. I will be forever grateful. Thank you for all of your help, you’ve been wonderful!”

– Elisabeth

“Thank you for your fast work and all Chris Ingram did to get this money quietly to me fast, so that I can start with my work.”

– Mohammed