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Car loan Ontario: How does it work?

Life moves fast. You never know when business opportunities or emergencies spring up, so exploring options for a home equity loan in Calgary is crucial to help residents meet their financial goals or cover unexpected expenses. 

For over 50 years, Alpine Credits has helped homeowners access the equity from their homes without selling—all in a simple, fast, and fuss-free process.  

Whereas traditional banks and credit unions can have extremely high standards for providing home equity loans, such as excellent credit scores and employment, Alpine Credits primarily considers your home equity to get approved. 

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How to get approved for a vehicle loan in Ontario 

If you’re getting an auto loan from a lender or credit union other than your local dealership, the process of getting one will be a little different.  

  1. Choose a lender—whether your local bank or an alternative lender, choose one that accommodates your financial situation.  
  2. Gather documents— some will need your credit score, while others need your outstanding mortgage balance.  
  3. Get a preapproval—determining your maximum loan amount before you search for a new car will help you set a realistic budget.  
  4. Set a budget—within your planning, calculate the total cost of buying a vehicle, including how much you’ll pay towards interest. Compare what your monthly payments would be with and without providing a down payment.    
  5. Go car shopping—alternative car financing options are good for buying a new or used car.  
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Where can I get Ontario car loans? 

Residents have different car financing solutions, mainly the following three sources.  

  • Major financial institutions—to be approved for vehicle loans, you’ll need a good credit score and regular monthly income.  
  • Credit unions—although not as common, you can get a car loan from a credit union, but you’ll already have to be part of one. 
  • Alternative lenders—another way to get a loan to buy a car is from alternative lenders. They have a more flexible eligibility criteria than the other two options.

How to compare car loans in Ontario 

When deciding which lender has the best loan for your financial circumstances, you can keep a couple of questions in mind before submitting the loan application.

Are interest rates for car loans in Ontario different from other provinces? 

In general, interest rates on auto loans won’t differ from the rest of the country. The interest rate will vary depending on the lender. Traditional lenders are more likely to check your credit report and determine an appropriate interest rate based on what they see. 

Can you get approved for an auto loan with an alternative lender in Ontario? 

You can get approved for a vehicle loan with an alternative lender like Alpine Credits. They are lenders who do not use your credit score in the approval process, meaning the application is more straightforward compared to financial institutions.  

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Car loans in Ontario options with Alpine Credits

When it’s time to purchase a car, but you need different payment options, one solution is a home equity loan from Alpine Credits. Homeowners in Ontario who have built significant equity have a unique opportunity to access it as a lump sum. 

If you have paid at least 25% of your property’s value, you’re eligible for a home equity loan from Alpine Credits. You don’t need to provide your credit score or income status, but only your existing mortgage details. 

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Frequently asked questions

Getting a car loan traditionally can be done automatically when you buy a vehicle from a dealership. Otherwise, you’ll have to approach major financial institutions or alternative lenders to get financing for the vehicle.  

Traditional car loans have an interest rate based on the market. Also, interest rates can vary based on the demand for the vehicle. If the car is in high demand, it could come at a higher rate, while cars with low demand have lower interest rates.