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Loans for Retired Individuals

As some of you may have encountered already, obtaining a loan from the bank can be a difficult and lengthy process with lots of ‘hoops’ to jump through to meet the banks stringent lending criteria.  If you are retired with a limited income or are collecting payments from a public or private pension plan, getting a loan from the banks can be even more difficult as they may deem the pension income insufficient to support the new debt payments. Fortunately, there is a lender that can provide you with a loan regardless of your credit, age or income – since 1969, Alpine Credits has been Canada’s home equity lender that has helped many retirees obtain the financing they need for their retirement or family needs.

Qualifying for a Home Equity Loan as Retired Individuals or Pensioners

Whether its retirement needs or dreams, temporary cash requirements or money to help your family, Alpine Credits can help and, Alpine Credits’ lending parameters are the same for retirees and those working full-time – we are home equity lender and the main criteria we consider is the amount of equity you have in your home.  If you have found yourself in need of a loan and believe the bank won’t be able to help you because you are retired with a limited income, please call and speak to one of our lending specialists at 1-800-587-2161 or complete our simple online application and one of our lending specialists will call you back.  Our lending specialists will work with you to understand your situation and recommend the best loan structure for your needs.  Remember, at Alpine Credits, Homeowners get approved.


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Consolidate your debts into one low monthly payment. Renovate your home, start a business or even go on a holiday. Call us and a dedicated lending adviser will help you get a loan. Unlike the banks, we can often have your loan approved the vary same day, regardless of your credit.