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Loans for Business Capital

Did you know that in most cases you can use the cost of your loan as a tax write off when you are applying it to your business?  Check with your accountant to see if this applies to you.  Are you considering starting a new business and need money or, do you have an existing business and need money to support its growth or expansion? If you own your home, a home equity loan used to provide start-up capital, growth capital or working capital may be a great solution for you to consider.  At Alpine Credits, we are here to help you make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.  Our team of lending specialists is capable of working with you to completely understand your financial situation and provide you with options when it comes to obtaining financing for your business.

Reasons You May Need a Business Loan

Whether its start-up capital, working capital or growth capital; Alpine Credits can help you obtain a home equity loan to finance your business needs.  A few common reasons you may be interested in taking out a home equity loan for your business include:

  • Investing in a new start-up
  • Taking on new expenses or covering existing expenses for your business
  • Purchasing new equipment or facilities for your existing business
  • Requiring working capital to hire new employees, lease a new facility or finance the business while waiting for payment from your customers
  • Expansion of your business
  • Buying out a business partner or investor

Qualifying for a Home Equity Loan for Business

As Western Canada’s leading home equity lender (since 1969), all you need to qualify for a loan is to own your home (or other real estate).  At Alpine Credits, our primary concern is not your age, credit or income history in approving you for a loan.  Instead we focus on the value you have in home equity or other real estate and, unlike the banks with their stringent lending criteria – especially when it comes to lending to business owners, Alpine Credits will try to make it as easy as possible.  If you are considering a home equity loan to start or grow your business, please give us a call at 1-800-587-2161 so we can explain the process and answer any questions you may have.  Remember, at Alpine Credits, homeowners get approved.


What if you don’t qualify for a Home Equity Loan for Business?


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Consolidate your debts into one low monthly payment. Renovate your home, start a business or even go on a holiday. Call us and a dedicated lending adviser will help you get a loan. Unlike the banks, we can often have your loan approved the vary same day, regardless of your credit.