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How to Apply for a Loan

loan applications alpine creditsThere is a constant need amongst consumers to take out loans, as there is often something they need to purchase before they have enough of their own personal funds to do so. The first step that must be taken to receive a loan is to apply for one. A common misconception is that to get approved for a loan, you need a good credit score. While this is true for banks, it is not the case for all lending institutions. By basing the approval of the loan on whether or not the consumer has a good credit score, it creates a black and white situation; either the consumer has a good credit score and will be able to pay off the loan or the consumer has a poor credit score and will not be able to pay off the loan. However, this only takes 1 main factor into account, leaving out other essential factors. Having a low credit score or even no credit score could be due to the consumer not wanting to use a credit card to spend money they don’t necessarily have in their account, or because the consumer is self employed, complicating the ease of building a strong credit score. For reasons such as these, the credit system is flawed.

Loans from Alpine Credits

Here at Alpine Credits, loan approvals are based off of the amount of home equity the consumer has on their property. This system allows for consumers who may have bruised credit for a variety of different reasons to get a loan as long as they own their home. The terms of the loan will differ for consumers as the interest rate of the loan is dependent on the amount of equity in their home. The more equity owned, the lower is the interest rate payable to Alpine Credits, and the less equity owned, the higher is the interest rate.

The Process

The application process is made very simple and straightforward for the consumer by Alpine Credits and all it takes is just 3 steps. First, you can apply online at or by telephone with one of our representatives at 1-800-587-2161. Only basic information is required in the application, which is: name, email address, phone number, city, property value, existing mortgage, requested loan, and how you heard about Alpine Credits. Given you have sufficient home equity, your loan will be approved in the next 24 hours and once approved, Alpine Credits will directly deposit the requested loan into your bank account for you. Regardless of the purpose for the loan, our lending specialists will be happy to work with you to understand your situation and recommend the best loan structure for your needs.