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Alpine Credits is Proud to Wear Pink!

Pink Shirt Day AlpineCreditsIn 2007, Nova Scotia high school students David Shepherd and Travis Price decided to take a stand against the bullying being inflicted on a fellow male student for wearing a pink shirt to school. Purchasing 50 pink tank tops from a local discount store, they stood in the foyer of their school the next morning and handed the shirts out to every male student. The harassed teen’s tormentors never bothered him again – and a global movement for spreading awareness around bullying was born.

It was this simple act of kindness that inspired Vancouver’s 980 CKNW to help other youth impacted by bullying. What began with staff members wearing pink shirts to work and fund-raising for local Boys and Girls Clubs soon grew into CKNW Kids’ Fund Pink Shirt Day.

Pink Shirt Day is Alive and Growing

A child’s early experiences are paramount to their happiness and quality of life. The more each of us can do to bolster awareness and encourage open dialogue around bullying, the closer we move toward positive, permanent change.

Today, CKNW Kids’ Fund Pink Shirt Day continues to inspire a growing number of countries and organizations around the world to raise funds and show their support for anti-bullying measures. Choosing to be a part of that movement was an easy decision for the team at Alpine Credits.

Alpine Credits has been supporting charitable initiatives across Canada for more than 50 years. Our mandate is to give back to the communities in which we operate – and volunteerism a big part of that.

Why We’re Proud to Wear Pink

The people behind CKNW Kids’ Fund Pink Shirt Day work tirelessly throughout the year to raise awareness and fund programs geared toward fostering healthy self-esteem in children.

At Alpine Credits, our corporate culture is directly in line with what CKNW Kids’ Fund Pink Shirt Day promotes – showing kindness toward one another, and making a consistent effort to lift each other up.

We’re honoured to be both the presenting sponsor for CKNW Kids’ Fund Pink Shirt Day, and to have been on hand December 3 – Pledge Day – to take in donations for the organization’s largest annual fundraising event.

After all, helping to make a difference is what Alpine Credits’ decade-long partnership with CKNW is all about.

It Takes a Community to Drive Change

Every one of us is affected by bullying in some way, shape or form – especially with the ever-expanding use of social media. The Alpine Credits team is honoured to be able to play a role in bringing more awareness to the bullying epidemic, and to advocate for the health and well-being of our children.

In the end, positive change comes through getting involved with your community, looking out for one another, and supporting the programs that impact the people we care about.

So we hope you’ll join us in our ongoing support of Pink Shirt Day by wearing pink next February 26, practicing kindness toward one another throughout the year, and showing that you too take a stand against bullying in our schools, workplaces, homes, and online.