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Category: Mortgages

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Mortgage renewal tips to remember

Mortgage contracts come to a close at the end of a mortgage term, so it’s time to renew. Some lenders will do so automatically, and sometimes you’ll have to do it automatically. What’s important is that you’re ready for it and that you get the best deal.

How to get approved for a mortgage in Canada

How to get approved for a mortgage in 6 steps or less

Applying for a mortgage involves many steps, and you can maintain certain financial habits to increase your chances of mortgage preapproval. Being prepared for the process is important, but there are alternative and simpler ways to get approved. 

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Canada loans: the basics of mortgage

For anyone wanting to buy a house for the first time or wanting to obtain additional property, you’ll have to get a mortgage, which is important for any homebuyer to understand what the entire process entails.

credit card debt review

Credit card debt – save thousands of dollars

In the process of building creditworthiness, the possibility of spending too much on your credit card increases. When that happens and the amount of credit card debt reaches the thousands, getting relief feels difficult to achieve. However, the opposite is true. You can have financial freedom through some DIY solutions.

Consolidate Your Debt through a Home Equity Loan

Consolidate your debt through a home equity loan

Anyone can achieve financial freedom with the right tools. With all these options on how to consolidate your debt, you want to choose what is best for you. Personal loans, debt management, debt settlement, and home equity loans are the most common methods, but it’s important to understand each one before making your first step.

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Eliminate debt under a year

Whether you want to erase a portion all or your debt, it’s important to understand a few of the strategies that you can take in order to accomplish your goals of being debt free. You can make some changes in your lifestyle, add another source of income, or consolidate your debt through your home equity to make monthly payments more manageable.

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An introduction to debt consolidation loans

Outstanding balances that are owed to credit cards, mortgages, and auto loans are the source of financial stress for Canadians. A common solution to make monthly payments more manageable is with debt consolidation through home equity. Understanding what the effects are and what this means for you as a homeowner is an important step.

bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgage doesn’t disqualify you

Credit scores play a significant role, according to Canadian banks. A bad credit score doesn’t stop someone from the opportunity to get a personal loan. Personal loans have a number of uses, including home renovation and debt consolidation, among other prospects. Even with a score that’s less than ideal, you have the chance to build it up or look into a home equity loan.

What is Debt Consolidation

What is debt consolidation & how does it work?

Have you been juggling debt payments and feel like there’s no end in sight? If this sounds like you, you may be wondering: What is debt consolidation, and how does debt consolidation work? Consolidating your debt might be just what you need to get your finances back on track and make your payments more manageable.

How to Take Equity Out of Your Home in Canada

How to take equity out of your home?

There are various methods on how you can pull equity out of your home without having to sell it or withdraw a costly personal loan. These options can allow you to access much needed funds for personal, business, or investment reasons, and let you do so by leveraging the highly competitive real estate market.

how does home equity work

Home equity 101: What is it & how does it work

In this article, we’ll make it easier to answer questions like “what is home equity?” and “how does home equity work?” By the end, you should have a better understanding of what home equity is referring to and how you can leverage it towards getting the funding you need.

Are Interest Rates Going Up in Canada

Are interest rates going up in Canada?

At the beginning of March 2022, the Bank of Canada announced its first interest rate increase since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that interest rates in Canada as a whole are likely starting to shift up as the economy begins to recover and the country learns to deal with the pandemic.

Home Equity Line of Credit New Rules in Canada

Home equity line of credit: New rules in Canada

New mortgage rules have been put into place that make it more difficult for Canadians to access their home equity through traditional avenues. These rules also come with higher interest rates, and together, qualifying for home equity line of credit options is harder than ever before.

Construction mortgages in Ontario

Construction mortgages in Ontario

Many Ontarians on the lookout for the perfect home to settle down in are facing challenges. Whether it’s the property size, the structure, or the location, finding a home that meets all their criteria is much harder than it seems. Many Canadians decide to build their dream home from scratch instead of finding a pre-built home in these cases. However, you might be surprised to learn that aspiring home-builders can also qualify for construction mortgages in Ontario.

kitchen renovations cost

How much do kitchen renovations cost?

Kitchen remodeling is a fantastic way to spruce up the appeal of your home and add value to its price. So if you’re wondering how much it costs to renovate a kitchen, we have gathered some information that can help you. Here are some factors that affect the overall price of renovating a kitchen.

grants for seniors housing repairs

Grants for seniors housing repairs

Some Canadians who reach retirement age find it difficult to finance the upkeep and maintenance of the homes they have owned and lived in for a long time. This can be stressful and difficult to manage, even with pension benefits. We have collated information about how grants for seniors’ housing repairs work, different ways to claim them, and the best way to utilize them.

RESP Rules in Canada

RESP rules in Canada: What you need to know

Ensuring that your child has the funds they need for postsecondary and graduate education can be a big challenge. Through RESP, Canadian parents can make investments that their children can rely on for their future education.

Mortgage Penalty Canada

How to avoid a mortgage penalty in Canada

Breaking your mortgage comes with expensive penalty fees. For any number of reasons, homeowners within a mortgage term might find a need to break their mortgage. Others might have extra income to prepay their mortgage term. However, you may be shocked to learn about the steep penalty fees associated with prepaying or breaking a mortgage.

What is a good credit score in Canada for a Mortgage

What is a good credit score in Canada for a mortgage?

Many young Canadians dream about purchasing a home. Apart from the down payment and closing costs, it is important to find an affordable mortgage option. A good credit score allows you to access the best mortgage options at low interest rates. Are you worried about finding a mortgage with a bad credit score? We will discuss the mortgage options available to borrowers with a bad credit score.

How long does it take to get approved for a mortgage in Canada

Approved for a mortgage in Canada

Finding a suitable mortgage is as important as finding a new home. When you find a home and need to get mortgage approval quickly, we will talk about how long does a mortgage approval take.

Can you get a mortgage on land?

Can you get a mortgage for land?

Most people know about a property mortgage, which is a loan you can use to pay for your home. But, what happens if you want to build your home from scratch? For all those homeowners who would like to plan their dream house, owning a patch of land might be a better option. In this regard, the key question is can you get a mortgage for land?

consolidating debt into mortgage alpine credits

Consolidating debt into a mortgage

If you have high-interest debt, are you wondering “Can I consolidate debt into a mortgage?” Any kind of debt can be hard to pay down and get permanently dissolved if the interest charges keep accruing. Many people may feel at a loss on what to do to start making a dent in their high-interest debt.


Alternative mortgage lenders in Canada

Alternative mortgage lenders usually offer more flexibility when it comes to financing and lending. They are perfect for people who do not meet all the strict criteria demanded by Canadian big banks.

how much tax is on cerb

How much tax will I pay on CERB?

Many Canadians have found themselves wondering how much tax they’ll owe on CERB this year. Find more information and learn how Alpine Credits can help in this article.

Buying Out Your Partner in a Mortgage

How to buy out your partner in a mortgage in Canada

Ending a marriage is never an easy process. One of the potential complications that can come with ending a marriage is how to split a jointly owned property. When a married couple buys a home, both people have equal rights to the property. When that marriage ends, that leaves complications for a divorce mortgage buyout.

reverse mortgage horror stories

Reverse mortgage horror stories in Canada

It’s not hard to find reverse mortgage horror stories on the internet. But are these stories legitimate? Or are they just the result of people making poor financial decisions and struggling to accept the consequences? Keep reading to find out.

swimming pool cost

A look at swimming pool costs in Canada

While having a swimming pool installed at your home offers tremendous recreational benefits, it’s not something to rush into. Keep reading as we explore the short and long-term costs of swimming pool installation and maintenance.

edmonton debt consolidation

Your guide to debt consolidation in Edmonton

Debt consolidation in Edmonton isn’t always cheap, making many of these loans questionable solutions for those who live there. Keep reading to learn more about debt consolidation loans in Edmonton and how Alpine Credits has been helping locals find much better rates for more than 50 years.

basement renovation cost

A look at basement renovation costs

Basement renovations are among the most common home modifications in Canada. Keep reading to learn how much basement renovations cost and how Alpine Credits has been helping homeowners keep costs low for decades.

Mortgage Rates in Ontario

Current mortgage rates in ontario

Mortgage rates in Ontario are among Canada’s most competitive, which should come as no surprise given the province’s population. However, there are still many things you need to be aware of when shopping for the best mortgage rates in Ontario. Keep reading to learn more and get tips on finding the best deal.

$10000 loans in canada

How to get a $10,000 loan in Canada

A $10,000 loan can help you pay for home renovations, a vacation, a car, or any number of other things. However, with so many lenders and types of loans to choose from, it can be hard to keep track. Keep reading for some tips on selecting the right $10,000 loan in Canada. We’ll also show you how Alpine Credits makes it easy for homeowners to get approved.