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Hot Tub Cost in Canada

How much does a hot tub cost in Canada?

How much does a hot tub cost in Canada?

As the winter season approaches, we’re inclined to turn to the comforts of the indoors. From warm fireplaces to hot drinks, Canadians use many techniques to beat the cold. More and more homeowners are turning to hot tubs to keep warm during the colder months, especially with travel being more restrictive during the pandemic.

One of the significant factors that influence their purchase decision is the cost of a hot tub. While many homeowners would agree that a hot tub is a welcome addition to home comfort, many are reluctant to decide without considering the financial implications. We have collected some details about hot tub costs in Canada to help you make a choice.

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Hot Tub Cost in Canada

Hot tub type

There are two primary considerations for a hot tub installation that also impacts the overall cost.

Indoor vs. outdoor hot tub costs:

Firstly, you must consider whether you want an indoor or an outdoor hot tub. This choice affects several other factors, such as the structural considerations, installation process, and charges. You should finalize the hot tub location as soon as you make a purchase decision. Generally, an indoor facility may require additional renovation and care to preserve the existing indoor environment, costing you more.

Above-ground vs. in-ground hot tub costs:

The other major decision you’ll need to make is whether you want an above-ground or in-ground hot tub. As the names suggest, an above-ground hot tub is constructed over the ground level, while an in-ground hot tub is installed in a space below ground level. Selecting between these two will also have a significant impact on the hot tub cost. Most above-ground hot tubs come partially assembled, while in-ground hot tubs are usually installed piece by piece. On average, in-ground hot tubs will cost more since they often require additional excavation work and planning.

Hot tub operational cost:

The final component of hot tub costs is accumulated over time. This is likely the most subjective and varied factor that impacts the cost involved in installing a hot tub. It considers the amount of energy and water used to operate the hot tub and the extra costs associated with maintenance and cleaning. In addition, depending on your personal preferences, the hot tub may see a lot of use or only occasional use throughout the year, which also causes significant variations in operational costs over time.

Factors that affect hot tub costs in Canada

The three key factors that impact hot tub costs are:

Hot tub purchase cost:

Hot tub purchase costs can differ based on the type (inflatable, wood, vinyl, and so on) and the manufacturer you choose. Therefore, the cost isn’t just a fixed figure; the make, model, age, manufacturer, and retailer can impact a particular hot tub’s worth.

Hot tub installation cost:

Deciding which hot tub you will buy isn’t the end of the process. You will also need to consider where and how to install your hot tub. Installation is an essential factor that contributes to hot tub costs, and depending on the type and where it’s going to be placed, your expenses can quickly add up. Unless you or someone you know is experienced in renovation and landscaping, you will likely need to hire a contractor for installing the hot tub. Many retailers also offer installation services as part of the purchase price, which can help you save money.

Average hot tub cost in Canada

On average, a hot tub costs about $10,000 with differences in availability, quality, and performance, causing them to fluctuate from $4,000 at the lowest up to $20,000 for the highest quality. The median cost of installing a hot tub is approximately $375, though this amount is greatly affected by the amount of work needed for the installation. Excavation, adding an electric outlet, moving, and setup will add to these costs. You might find yourself paying up to $1000 in some cases. Finally, the hot tub operation cost is estimated to be approximately $100 monthly. This may be a trivial or significant expense for homeowners, depending on how often they use their hot tub.

Hot tub financing options

Many Canadians are interested in purchasing a hot tub; however, since the costs of purchasing, installing, and operating a hot tub can quickly add up, a lot of them drop the idea. Alpine Credits can help you with a home equity loan! Home equity loans allow you to tap into the asset value of your home and use it to make large purchases that might otherwise be out of reach. We offer hot tub financing options that can help you purchase your dream hot tub.

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