Vancouver Mortgage Brokers

Young families need to save every dollar in these cash-stretched times. When it comes time to invest in a home, using a Vancouver mortgage broker can help secure the lowest term possible. This means more money for sports teams, family vacations and healthy living expenditures.

When unexpected turns in life require more capital, young homeowners can use the home equity they have secured from paying into their initial mortgage. That home equity allows them to apply for a second mortgage.

Unfortunately, ‘traditional’ Vancouver mortgage brokers might find it hard to find a bank willing to grant a second mortgage. Lack of employment or a poor credit rating can stop the process before it starts to move. Mortgage brokers hired by individuals with struggling debt issues, often return to their clients empty-handed, unable to offer them a package that provides the requested capital.

At Alpine Credits, the only condition required is partial payment of the original mortgage. Employment, bad credit, age – none of these issues matter. Approved the very next day, families can have immediate access to the funds they require. Less wait means increased efficiency. Increased efficiency means dollars saved.

To find out more about Vancouver second mortgages, call 1-800-NEWLOAN.

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