Paying For School

You’ve climbed as far as you can go in your company with the education you currently hold, but it’s not enough. It’s not challenging, the pay is too low and without a position to strive for, your interest has started to dramatically wane.

The strange part is, you actually like the company you work for and wouldn’t mind staying if there were a new position to aim for.

The only solution: head back to school to improve your business credentials and increase your potential for relocation to a higher position within your current company.

But school costs money; money you don’t have. But you do have a home and with Alpine Credits, a home and a mortgage is all you need to apply for a Canadian home equity loan.

Even if your credit is terrible, as long as you have been paying your mortgage payments, Alpine Credits will lend you the capital you need.

Don’t close the door on your dream of heading back to school. Apply for a second mortgage and you can afford to pay tuition and take the time off work to reeducate yourself in your current field.

Improve Your Value To Your Company