Local Boys Return the Heat

It must be something in the water.

For the eighth year in a row, B.C. has dominated the Canadian Little League Championships. This year it was a talented squad from Langley that went on to defeat Quebec for the title.

Now the boys from B.C. are playing on the national stage at Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Langley’s first game of the series was against Dhahran of Saudi Arabia. After a collapse in the third inning, which saw five runs scored against, Langley mounted a strong comeback.

Tied at five in the sixth and final inning, a wild pitch helped Colby Ring score to defeat Dhahran.

The boys now move on to the winning circle.

Dhahran was representing Middle East / Africa. It was Dhahran’s twelfth straight year playing in the tournament. Ironically, most of the players on the squad are of American descent. Most of their families are stationed in Dhahran to work in the oil industry.

No Canadian team has ever won the tournament. Let’s make it a first boys! Stay hydrated!

The Boys of Summer

Vancouver Canucks: New Faces

After a seventeen-year hiatus, the Vancouver Canucks finally made it back to the Stanley Cup Finals. Their third visit provided the same result as the first two: a disappointing second place. But it was sign of promising things to come.

Going into the 2011-2012 season, the Canucks have kept the majority of their core group together. Gone are Raffi Torres, Tanner Glass and Christian Ehrhoff. Apart from Ehrhoff’s offensive production and Torres’ toughness, the Canucks are looking relatively unscathed.

They have also signed a number of new faces. The following is a list of players who will be fighting for a spot on the permanent roster come October.

The Veteran

Marco Sturm – Sturm is a thirty-two-year-old winger from Germany who spent his early NHL career playing for the San Jose Sharks. He was traded to the Bruins in 2005 and stayed there until he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings in 2010. Last February he was placed on waivers by the Kings and picked up by the Washington Capitals, who he scored one goal for in the playoffs. Sturm has had problems with his knees, resulting in two major surgeries. Sturm’s contract is for one year and will pay him $2.25 million.

The Replacement

Alexander Sulzer – Sulzer hopes to step into the skates of his fellow countryman, Christian Ehrhoff, picking up where Ehrhoff left off on the defensive line. Vancouver sports fans may recognize Sulzer from his appearance at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Sulzer failed to re-sign with the Florida Panthers and was picked up by the Canucks.

The Bloody Knuckled Ivy Leaguer

Byron Bitz – Originally from Saskatoon, Bitz attended Cornell University, where he played four years for the Big Red. In his final season he was honoured with an induction into the Quill and Dagger society (apparently this is kind of a big deal). He signed with Boston and played his first NHL game on January 10, 2009. His passion and fists made him a fan favourite in Boston. The following year he was traded to the Florida Panthers, where he suffered a number of debilitating injuries. The Canucks hope the worst of his physical troubles are behind him.

Byron Bitz

Lion King

Wally Buono may have the most wins of any CFL coach in the league’s history, but he also has the most losses. With only one win this season, the latter number is growing and so is the call for Buono’s firing.

In his nine years as B.C.’s head coach, he has taken the Leos to the Grey Cup twice; winning in 2006. Of the eight completed seasons, six were successful, finishing with a record above .500.

This year the Lions look more like board housecats than savannah predators and many in this town are pointing the blame at Buono.

But there are still no signs from management that owner David Braley has any intention of sacking the senior Lion – at least not until the end of season.

If the Lions pull off a BC miracle and are able to bring their club back to life, Buono’s job will be safe for another year. If the wins are countable on a single hand come November, then chances are the Lion King will have to be replaced.

It's Nail Biting Time

Power of Women Tour

This Friday, Vancouver welcomes the Power of Women tour to the Rogers Arena. The headlining speaker will be Ellen DeGeneres, who is currently taking time off from her award winning daytime talk show “Ellen.”

DeGeneres will be discussing her career choices, her growing media empire and her charity work, which has raised over 10 million dollars for families affected by Hurricane Katrina. Alongside her message of inspiration and empowerment, will be her comedy that provides daily laughs to millions around the world.

Joining DeGeneres on stage will be Suzanne Somers, author, business promoter and star of the classic sitcom “Threes Company.” Marlee Matlin, Academy Award winner and recent Celebrity Apprentice star will also speak at the event.

The promoters of the event hope that the collaboration of speakers will provide a forum to educate, entertain and inspire women. The goal of the event is to create meaningful and positive change through discussion.

The event will begin at 9 am and will end around 5 pm.

Our guess is DeGeneres will either give the keynote speech or will close out the line-up in the afternoon.

Oprah's Successor

Career Women

Balancing family and career will always be a test for any parent, but women are often asked to take on more of the burden at home then their spouses. This can be taxing on their career and their personal lives. Finding guidance can be as easy as listening to the empowering words of successful female professionals.

In a recent issue of “Women’s Day,” ten career women offered inspirational advice on what they considered the keys to their success in the professional world. Here are some of the highlights of the article:

Jan Marini

“Always compete with yourself, not the competition. If you’re constantly using other people as the yardstick to measure your success, you’re not putting your energy and passion where it belongs. You’re the only person who can determine how successful you will be.”

Sepi Asefnia

“If you are not a whole person-a happy and content person-then your career does not matter. Respect your personal life; take time for it and don’t feel that you are detracting from your efforts at work by doing so. The more joy you have in your private life, the better your performance will be at work.”

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann

“My best advice is, don’t forget about “me” time. Schedule a window of time for yourself, like and other appointment, if you have to. In the end, taking personal time will make you more productive at work.”

Lori Greiner

“My biggest career hurdle was getting my products into retail. It’s very difficult for a little company with just one product to get into mass retail. But if your product is good, people will recognize this and see its merits. Be passionate and find creative ways to get your product in front of the decision makers. And don’t give up-I must have called 100 times to get hold of some buyers before I finally reached them.”

Smart Advice

Commandeering Your Credit

Credit can be a tricky thing. It’s easy to start a credit rating, but it can be hard sometimes keeping it squeaky clean.

If you have had a credit card from the time you were twenty, chances are you’ve gone through a few rough spots when you weren’t able to make payments. Maybe you lost your job and were without work for months. Or you may have had a family emergency pop up. There can be any number of things happen that lead to a missed payment.

Sadly, those little slips can stay with you for quite awhile.

For those of us with poor or bad credit, there are answers.

Alpine Credits can help people with a damaged credit rating receive the money they need. The only requirement is that you own a home.

If you are paying into an existing mortgage, you are eligible for a home equity loan from Alpine Credits. Fill out a simple three-minute application form and receive your approval notice the very next day.

A credit line with Alpine Credits is literally one simple tap of the mouse away.

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Retirement Package

After working thirty-five years at the same company, Charlie Beech finally decided to retire. To celebrate the occasion, he planned to take his wife and youngest child to Europe for a three-week tour of the continent. Three months before the trip, Charlie reassessed the costs and found his finances were $4,000 short.

He went to the bank to apply for a loan, but was denied because of his lack of incoming capital. Charlie tried another financial institution… same answer.

Disheartened he thought about cancelling the trip, with the hopes of recouping some of the money he had already put down as a deposit.

Then an old friend from work told him about Alpine Credits, a financial institution that allowed retirees to borrow money. The friend told Charlie that all he needed was a home to put up as equity.

Not a problem. Charlie had been living in his home in East Vancouver for the last twenty-two years. He still had a small amount left on his initial mortgage, but the majority was paid for.

After applying on a Monday, Charlie had the funds he needed by Thursday. He finished paying for all the hotel bookings and the rail passes the following week.

European Vacation: Charles Bridge, Prague

Last Saturday we got a call from Charlie. He was in Prague. He thanked us for the help and said there was a postcard in the mail. Maybe we’ll get it sometime in August.

Canadian Line of Credit

Our parents have always been there to assist us financially. From our weekly allowance, to our college education, their support has carried us through life. But we can’t expect their help for every financial speed bump. When the day arrives that you need a loan, contact  Alpine Credits first.

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The Original Line of Credit

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Alpine Credits Home Renovation Contest

Alpine Credits wants to give you $200 for a simple photo of your latest home renovation. That’s right, $200 for a view at your handiwork around the house. Send us your photo, along with a brief write up on how you increased the equity of your home and you can win $200 to spend any way you like.

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Here’s your chance to show it off and inspire others.

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We know it was hard going and it took time to raise enough capital to cover the project, but you did it! And you should be proud.

Mattress Sale in Victoria: Mattress Choice Grand Opening

Putting the last touches on your home renovations? Before you move all your furniture back in, maybe it’s time to replace those tired sagging mattresses you have been forcing your family to sleep on for the last fifteen years.

If you live in Victoria, the process of mattress searching just got easier. An entirely new kind of mattress store has just opened in the province’s capital. Mattress Choice carries only the best brands in the industry at some of the lowest prices you will find anywhere. Their professional advice will help you pick out the perfect beds to fill every bedroom in your house.

Bring the whole family down to their Grand Opening, happening now at their Blanshard location, just inside the Town and Country Shopping Center. Take your time and test-sleep each bed you’re interested in. Mattress Choice’s 90-night guarantee ensures you will stay completely satisfied with your mattress selection. Mention this article and receive two free pillows for each one of your new beds.

Need a little extra capital to afford a whole new mattress-home-makeover? Use your home as equity for a loan and ensure your family’s comfort for years to come. Alpine Credits can help.

Sleep soundly friends and take advantage of the amazing deals being offered at Victoria’s mattress store: Mattress Choice.

Mattress Shopping in Victoria

Super Bowl Predicts a Strong Economy

Gauging the health of our economy can be a guessing game at the very best. Like judging the length of winter on the whims of a Groundhog, forecasting the business trends of our markets is at times, purely speculation. But according to Maclean’s magazine, the relationship between the North American economy and the National Football League’s annual Super Bowl has the potential to tell a surprisingly accurate story about where our financial system is heading.

Two measuring sticks mentioned in the article are the price of the event tickets and the cost of a 30-sescond spot of television advertising.  With the prices of a stadium seat rising 40% from last year’s bowl, it seems as though North Americans are more willing to spend their hard earned pay on an evening’s entertainment.

The advertising prices were also up from 2010, with the average spot going for around $3 million US. The majority of these ads were from the auto industry, a sector that was almost in ruins two years ago. Now, with the help of celebrity endorsements like Eminem, the bailed out auto manufactures are back on top, willing to prove to the world that North America is determined to rebuild.

So what does all this conjecture mean for the average citizen: if you believe in these things, now is the time to invest in domestic product.

Need help coming up with the funds? Alpine Credits is here to help.

With a home equity loan, you could be the stimulus needed to rekindle your business. Your home improvements could raise the real estate value of your neighbourhood. Your financing of your daughter’s education could in turn change the national potential of Canada’s biochemical field.

And with investments like these, who reaps the rewards?

We all do.

Hope you enjoyed the game and the optimistic outlook.

Super Bowl Strength


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