Sunshine Coast Real Estate

A summerhouse on the Sunshine Coast is not out of your reach.

The Sunshine Coast is the best kept real estate secret in British Columbia. With large, multileveled homes at well under a million dollars, you can take your family away for weeks at a time to a residence with all the amenities you have in the city.

With amazing views of the mountains and ocean, you can unwind on your deck or out on the water. You can spend your days exploring the vast network of trails by foot or on your double suspension mountain bike. Golf, kayak, fish, the possibilities are endless.

Now to the financial part. If you are unwilling to take on the whole cost of a new vacation home, consider splitting the price and time between friends or family members.

Three-way splits are quite common, where three groups of investors choose one piece of property to share. Two investors can use the property as a getaway destination and the third might decide to sell his time to potential renters. Working out these details beforehand is paramount. You will also need to agree upon terms for a possible buyout. The more you flesh out the contractual terms, the better your relationship will be with other owners.

Still coming up short? Consider a Vancouver second mortgage with Alpine Credits. Even if your credit is poor, if you currently own a home in the Lower Mainland, Alpine Credits will give you the funds you need to purchase your share of a second property.

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