Iron Mountainwear Leg Armour

A recent satisfied client emailed us this week to tell us about the unique way he spent his Vancouver credit loan. He received the money in early August, a day after he applied for his loan. He used a portion of the money to pay for a new roof and the rest went to a backyard development project for his son.

‘What sort of development you ask?’ The client used his capital to build an outdoor dirt track for his son to indulge his mountain biking passion. The father saw the boy’s talent blossoming and wanted to offer him the opportunity to take his skills from raw desire to refined conditioning.

Father and son spent all of August hauling dirt, building kickers and testing a small, but very usable dirt track. At the end of the month they had a semi-professional track built on their three-acre property.

With the remaining Vancouver credit loan funds, the father started paying for a weekly, two-hour, private coaching session with the town pro. He also bought his son the best protective equipment money could afford; starting with leg armour from Iron Mountainwear. Passion can take you to the top, but protective gear will keep you there.

Our client promises to update us on his son’s progress. We will be sure to pass on whatever news he sends us.

Paid Protection: Leg Armour for the Aerially Ambitious

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