Vancouver Mortgage Brokers

Young families need to save every dollar in these cash-stretched times. When it comes time to invest in a home, using a Vancouver mortgage broker can help secure the lowest term possible. This means more money for sports teams, family vacations and healthy living expenditures.

When unexpected turns in life require more capital, young homeowners can use the home equity they have secured from paying into their initial mortgage. That home equity allows them to apply for a second mortgage.

Unfortunately, ‘traditional’ Vancouver mortgage brokers might find it hard to find a bank willing to grant a second mortgage. Lack of employment or a poor credit rating can stop the process before it starts to move. Mortgage brokers hired by individuals with struggling debt issues, often return to their clients empty-handed, unable to offer them a package that provides the requested capital.

At Alpine Credits, the only condition required is partial payment of the original mortgage. Employment, bad credit, age – none of these issues matter. Approved the very next day, families can have immediate access to the funds they require. Less wait means increased efficiency. Increased efficiency means dollars saved.

To find out more about Vancouver second mortgages, call 1-800-NEWLOAN.

Positive Change

With the Occupy movement fading, the question is being asked; ‘Did the protestors really accomplish anything?’ They held a public park for over a month. They marched around downtown a few times. They started an ‘average’ drum circle. But did they enlist change? Not really.

Change is personal and requires dedication. Like Gandhi once said: “We must be the change we want to see in this world.”

Alpine Credits is in the business of loaning Canadians the capital they need to make a positive change. This can be for the purposes of consolidating debt, paying for a home renovation project or starting up a new business.

A Vancover loan can finance a person’s dream. It can help pay off creditors that have been restricting the potential earning power of an individual. It can also take a regular home and make it a residence to be proud of.

Change doesn’t always need a protest. Sometimes it just needs a financial push to get rolling.

Change Takes More Than a Cardboard Sign

Grey Cup Weekend

In less than a week, the BC Lions will be playing for the Grey Cup trophy under the newly renovated roof of B.C. Place.

Leading up to the big game, the city is planning three days of downtown festivities. On Friday, the street party begins, with seven acts spread out over the course of the day. Don’t miss Guilty about Girls at 6:00 and the West Coast hip-hopper, Kyprios at 8:30. The Telus stage is located at Robson and Beatty.

Saturday begins with the Grey Cup parade at 10:00. Other activities include the Fire Fighters BBQ and the Vancouver Convention Centre Stage. Highlights for the day include The Odds at 7:30 and Said the Whale at 9:30, back at the street party.

Sunday, only in Canada, a tailgate ‘brunch’ will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The gates for the stadium will open at 1:30, with the kick-off going at 3:30. If you can’t make it down, catch the Grey Cup on CBC.

Enjoy the party, the confidence and the new building. This is our year to raise the roof.

ESPN ‘Unfriends’ Hank Williams Jr.

When Fox News thinks you crossed the line, you know you’re in trouble.

Hank Williams Jr. did just that on Monday, while appearing on “Fox and Friends,” a political talk show, where celebrity guests share their opinions on America’s political climate.

Being overly candid, Williams, in a massive error in judgement, compared current President Barak Obama to Adolf Hitler. Williams used the comparison while discussing Obama’s summer golf game with the House of Representatives Speaker, John Boehner. Williams claimed that the pairing “would be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu.”

The Fox News’ anchors were quick to separate their own views from that of Williams.

ESPN, who uses Williams song “All My Rowdy Friends” to open their Monday Night Football Broadcasts, quickly announced that they would not be using the artist’s music to open their October 3rd broadcast. “We are extremely disappointed with his comments,” an ESPN statement read, “and as a result we have decided to pull the open from tonight’s telecast.”

The station also distanced themselves from Williams, claiming that he is not a paid employee of their station.


Hank Williams Jr.

Lion King

Wally Buono may have the most wins of any CFL coach in the league’s history, but he also has the most losses. With only one win this season, the latter number is growing and so is the call for Buono’s firing.

In his nine years as B.C.’s head coach, he has taken the Leos to the Grey Cup twice; winning in 2006. Of the eight completed seasons, six were successful, finishing with a record above .500.

This year the Lions look more like board housecats than savannah predators and many in this town are pointing the blame at Buono.

But there are still no signs from management that owner David Braley has any intention of sacking the senior Lion – at least not until the end of season.

If the Lions pull off a BC miracle and are able to bring their club back to life, Buono’s job will be safe for another year. If the wins are countable on a single hand come November, then chances are the Lion King will have to be replaced.

It's Nail Biting Time

Power of Women Tour

This Friday, Vancouver welcomes the Power of Women tour to the Rogers Arena. The headlining speaker will be Ellen DeGeneres, who is currently taking time off from her award winning daytime talk show “Ellen.”

DeGeneres will be discussing her career choices, her growing media empire and her charity work, which has raised over 10 million dollars for families affected by Hurricane Katrina. Alongside her message of inspiration and empowerment, will be her comedy that provides daily laughs to millions around the world.

Joining DeGeneres on stage will be Suzanne Somers, author, business promoter and star of the classic sitcom “Threes Company.” Marlee Matlin, Academy Award winner and recent Celebrity Apprentice star will also speak at the event.

The promoters of the event hope that the collaboration of speakers will provide a forum to educate, entertain and inspire women. The goal of the event is to create meaningful and positive change through discussion.

The event will begin at 9 am and will end around 5 pm.

Our guess is DeGeneres will either give the keynote speech or will close out the line-up in the afternoon.

Oprah's Successor

It May Be Time…

If your bills on your desk are so heavily packed you don’t need a paperweight, it may be time to consolidate your debt.

If you wake up each morning and run to the window to see if your car is still in your driveway, it may be time to consolidate your debt.

If you have cards with each of the three big credit companies, it may be time to consolidate your debt.

If your friends and family won’t pick up their phones when you call, it may be time to consolidate your debt.

If you have to unplug your phone before bed, it may be time to consolidate your debt.

If you feel burdened by student loans, car payments and or credit statements, it may be time to consolidate your debt.

Alpine Credits would like to help. A home equity loan can be used to pay off all your creditors at once. If you own a home, you qualify. With your creditors paid, the only bill you will receive is the one for your loan payment.

Five, ten, thirteen separate bills could be reduced to one single payment. No more stress about phone calls.  No more ridiculously high interest rates. No more complicated accounting measures. You will have one bill to deal with.

Simplify. Apply for a home equity loan and consolidate your debt today.

Still There...

Commandeering Your Credit

Credit can be a tricky thing. It’s easy to start a credit rating, but it can be hard sometimes keeping it squeaky clean.

If you have had a credit card from the time you were twenty, chances are you’ve gone through a few rough spots when you weren’t able to make payments. Maybe you lost your job and were without work for months. Or you may have had a family emergency pop up. There can be any number of things happen that lead to a missed payment.

Sadly, those little slips can stay with you for quite awhile.

For those of us with poor or bad credit, there are answers.

Alpine Credits can help people with a damaged credit rating receive the money they need. The only requirement is that you own a home.

If you are paying into an existing mortgage, you are eligible for a home equity loan from Alpine Credits. Fill out a simple three-minute application form and receive your approval notice the very next day.

A credit line with Alpine Credits is literally one simple tap of the mouse away.

Click Here to receive the funds you need.

Retirement Package

After working thirty-five years at the same company, Charlie Beech finally decided to retire. To celebrate the occasion, he planned to take his wife and youngest child to Europe for a three-week tour of the continent. Three months before the trip, Charlie reassessed the costs and found his finances were $4,000 short.

He went to the bank to apply for a loan, but was denied because of his lack of incoming capital. Charlie tried another financial institution… same answer.

Disheartened he thought about cancelling the trip, with the hopes of recouping some of the money he had already put down as a deposit.

Then an old friend from work told him about Alpine Credits, a financial institution that allowed retirees to borrow money. The friend told Charlie that all he needed was a home to put up as equity.

Not a problem. Charlie had been living in his home in East Vancouver for the last twenty-two years. He still had a small amount left on his initial mortgage, but the majority was paid for.

After applying on a Monday, Charlie had the funds he needed by Thursday. He finished paying for all the hotel bookings and the rail passes the following week.

European Vacation: Charles Bridge, Prague

Last Saturday we got a call from Charlie. He was in Prague. He thanked us for the help and said there was a postcard in the mail. Maybe we’ll get it sometime in August.

Canadian Line of Credit

Our parents have always been there to assist us financially. From our weekly allowance, to our college education, their support has carried us through life. But we can’t expect their help for every financial speed bump. When the day arrives that you need a loan, contact  Alpine Credits first.

Alpine Credits specializes in helping people afford the random expenditures that pop up in our everyday lives. From dental work, to house repairs to a flight back home to see your original bankers (your parents) – Alpine Credits can help.

The Original Line of Credit

With an easy application process, Alpine Credits can inform you of your loan status within days of receiving your paperwork. In most cases, the money you request will be in your bank account the same week you apply.

If you are currently paying into an existing mortgage, your application will undoubtedly be approved. Don’t waste time with the banks. Go straight to the one company that specializes in helping Canadians receive a line of credit. Contact Alpine Credits today.

Braces or a Pony?

A good friend of ours told us a story about his younger sister that we thought might be appropriately to share.

The young lady was nine when her parents came to her with a question. They asked the young girl to make a choice that would affect her for the rest of her life. They gave their daughter the option of choosing between orthodontist work and a pony. The girl was nine…

The pony would live for another eight years, five years past the time she outgrew it. Her teeth remain crooked to this day.

If your child needs dental work, don’t give them the choice between a ghastly overbite and a horse. Pay for the orthodontist.

Low on funds? A second mortgage will help cover the bill.

It may seem like a fairly large investment, just to take care of a few chompers but believe us, your child will thank you. Maybe not when she’s nine or fourteen or even twenty, but there will come a day when she will look you straight in the eye and offer her full appreciation.

Till then, don’t even mention the pony.

Pony Rides Aren't Free

Graduation Gift

Your son has spent four and a half years at UBC earning his Bachelor of Science Degree. His marks were exceptional, he made top boat on the varsity rowing team and he paid his own tuition from the money he made as a forest firefighter during the summer.

As parents, you are bursting with pride. At his Graduation ceremony, a quick glance at your husband revealed a small tear on your hubby’s cheek. This is the boy who barely made it through Math 10 and now he is graduating with honours.

So how do you reward the son who has done so much to impress you?

You could buy him a car with the little money you’ve saved over the years, but it would have to be used and under five thousand.

You could buy him a trip to extend his education, but how educational would a trip to Regina be?

A friend of the family suggested paying for a down payment on a house. This would keep him in Vancouver and give him a startup investment. But after looking at the Vancouver real estate market, there weren’t too many options that didn’t involve an ex-growop residence or a leaky roof.

The solution to your problem is Alpine Credits. Alpine Credits can lend you the money you need to properly congratulate the young graduate. With a home equity loan, you can borrow against the equity you have acquired by paying into your current mortgage.

You haven’t been a slouch over the past ten years either. Your mortgage payments have put a considerable dent in your debt. Now you have a chance to use that good credit to help out a young man who is well deserving of your praise.

Contact Alpine Credits today and prepare the proper gift for your son.

The Graduate

Spending To The Cap

Mike Gillis: Big Spender

The only way to improve on what you have is to make full use of the resources at your disposal.

The Vancouver Canucks know this, as they spent to the cap this season to create the most deeply stacked team in the NHL.

With blueline injuries all year, the Canucks were able to pull from their own organization and bring up talented defensemen to take the place of the injured Alexander Edler, Sami Salo, Dan Hamhuis and Keith Ballard.

On the forward lines, they were able to spend at the trade deadline and pickup Chris Higgins and Maxim Lapierre, two players whose intensity has definitely been felt in the playoffs.

Mike Gillis’s spending shows he believes this is our year. In the words of the mighty poet, Eminem: “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow / This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo!”

Feel like the time is right to make a push in your own life? Alpine Credits can help you finance your dreams. A home equity loan can supply with you the funds you need to spend to the cap.

Watch your team rise with an investment loan from Alpine Credits.

Finishing the Basement

You secured a mortgage five years ago to afford your starter home. When you moved in you immediately realized the basement would need a total overhaul. Five years later you still are missing the funds to complete the project.

Solution: A second mortgage from Alpine Credits.

With a second mortgage you can afford to rip up that terrible white shag carpet and replace it with a fall teak engineered floor. You can remove that awful floral wallpaper and paint the room in a softer eggshell pastel. The doorways can be replaced and properly fitted. Your windows can be weather sealed and you can finally add some proper lightening fixtures.

You’ll need to furnish it with a trip to IKEA and some couches from The Brick.

Then the cherry…

In the back southeast corner you can finally reconstruct your beloved pool table; with a new felt top of course.

All of this paid upfront with the money from your second mortgage.

Apply today at Alpine Credits. It’s time you finished your home.

The Finishing Touch

Crack Shack or Mansion?

Facebook has many faults. It is a huge time waster, gossip facilitator and a stalkers dream come true. But it also serves many important purposes these days. It connects us with friends and family, promotes charities and businesses and of course, it allows to share hilarious viral videos and web creations.

This week our web team came across a link on Facebook that had us in hysterics: “Crack Shack or Mansion?” It is a simple web game that asks viewers to make educated guesses about photos of different properties around Vancouver. The viewer is shown a picture of a house and asked to pick between ‘crack house’ or ‘mansion’?

The idea behind the site is that even the most dilapidated Vancouver home is worth millions. The stucco may be coming loose, the front stairs may be falling apart and the foundation may be slipping, but if it has four walls and a 604 area code, chances are it will sell for at least $1,000,000.

If you haven’t had your house appraised recently, maybe it’s time to see what it’s really worth. You could be taking advantage of your home’s value by securing a second mortgage with Alpine Credits. Find out more at

Stop Paying High Interest Charges – Consolidate!

What are you paying on interest each month from the array of credit cards you hold? Don’t answer that question. We can tell by your facial expression, it’s significantly more than you should be paying.

But without declaring bankruptcy, what options do you have to free yourself from these unnecessary payments?

We can answer that! Consolidate your debt.

The next question is, ‘well how do I find a lender who is willing to pay off my bills when my credit record is ghastly?’ Simple. You apply with Alpine Credits for a home equity loan. This loan will let you pay off your creditors all at once. Your only payment after that will be to the agreed repayment plan. One interest rate, at a level lower than what your credit card companies are charging. It makes complete sense.

Don’t line Visa’s pockets with huge interest payments that make it impossible to pay off the principal. Eliminate your credit card debt in one swipe. Apply for a home equity loan and reduce your creditors to one.

It seems so simple, but it’s actually that easy.

Do the math and then call us back. We would love to see your interest payments fall away!

Punch The Numbers

Spring Election

On May 2nd, Canada will go to the polls to decide if the Conservatives will stay in power. The alternative could be be a coalition government led by a Liberal majority.

In the business community, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are favoured. Their Economic Action Plan successfully rejuvenated the Canadian economy and helped us push past one of the worst recessions in our country’s history. Their plan to alleviate the deficit by 2015 is popular among companies who rely on a strong Canadian market to negotiate and follow through on global business deals.

With few promises to spend money, the Conservatives have maintained their course. Heading in completely the opposite direction, the NDP and Liberal parties are both planning to increase government spending in order to fund social projects. The Liberals are promoting their Family Care Package and the NDP are promising to revitalize the healthcare system through the increased hiring of trained professionals. Both of these plans would benefit the average Canadian family, but would they bolster our economy? That remains to be seen.

Your financial well being is basically in your hands, With a credit loan from Alpine Credits, you can choose to augment any proposed political plan. You can use part of your capital to pay off high interest creditors and use the rest of the loan to invest in your home—the investment your family will have for years to come.

Politics can be tricky, but a home equity loan is smart business. Apply today and start moving down the right path towards a financially sound future.

Stephen Harper's Aggressive Plan to Cut Our Debt

Backyard Barbeque

It may be raining today, but we’ve definitely seen some signs that spring has come to the Northwest. The number one sign: the cherry blossoms are out. When the streets are lined with pink trees, spring is here and hockey playoffs are not far off.

But with spring comes the delirious anticipation of summer – the warm nights, the lack of clothing, the patio drinks and the barbecues.

With only a few months to go, it’s never too early to plan for summer. This year, don’t let your friends hog the hosting spotlight. Pimp your patio before July and August, so your deck is the place to be seen this summer.

Start with an extension. More room, means more guests. You don’t use your backyard lawn for much more than the odd bocce game, so extend the wood out.

Feeling ambitious? Look into a hot tub. You can use it all year round to relax your muscles and stargaze.

Is grilling your talent? Boost your capacity with a new barbecue. Add a natural gas line and you’ll never have to fill another propane tank again.

Finally, make sure your wood is properly stained. It’s never a bad idea to restain your deck every five years or so. Do some research, find a stain that brings out the natural colours of your wood, prep your surface and add a new coat to your existing deck.

These improvements will renew your pride in your backyard. It will also improve the value of your home.

Don’t have enough capital to realize your vision? Talk to Alpine Credits about a home equity loan. They can lend your the funds you need to see your project to its completion.

You only have a few months to go before the bathing suits come out, so start your deck preparations early.

The Baron of Backyard Barbecues

Seismic Retrofit

A new survey by Ipsos Reid has found that only one-quarter of Vancouver residents believe they are prepared for a serious earthquake.

After watching the devastating footage released from the horrific earthquake that rocked Japan last week, citizens In Vancouver are doubting their own preparedness level and that of the government. 14 per cent of the individuals polled strongly supported government spending on infrastructure upgrades, while 57 per cent said they were somewhat supportive.

If you are concerned about your personal properties being up to snuff, you may want to consider a seismic retrofit. Whether your property is your own home or a commercial building, you may want to increase the structures reinforcements. Techniques to achieve this result are external post-tensioning, the addition of base isolators and or supplementary dampers to transform seismic energy into heat.

After looking at the costs of these projects you may be a little skeptical about your ability to afford a full seismic retrofit.

No need to worry. You can use the building’s value to apply for a home equity loan. No matter your credit rating, if you own a substantial property, Alpine Credits will lend you the money you require for the upgrades. Fill out an on-line form today and receive your loan within days.

Prepare your property’s ability to withstand a massive quake. It is in the best interest of you and your family.

Searching for Capital Ends at Alpine Credits

Where did you start your quest to raise $10,000? Did you ask your friends and family first? Did you consider a charity event? Maybe a garage sale of all your electronics and manly toys? At what point did you make your way to the bank? Or is that plural – banks?

No matter what your course, you ended with the only company willing to take on your credit rating, Alpine Credits.

They asked you one question: “Do you own a home?” To which you answered yes. And the rest is history. After filling out a simple application, you were approved and received the funds in less than a week.

How good did that feel after all those refusals? Probably amazing! It’s a shame banks can’t look past your credit rating. But if they did, we wouldn’t be in business. So tell your friends, spread the word on the street, yell it from the rooftops, if you need financial help and are refused, your home can secure you a loan with the top home equity creditor in the country, Alpine Credits. Take advantage of their system. Apply today.

Paying For School

You’ve climbed as far as you can go in your company with the education you currently hold, but it’s not enough. It’s not challenging, the pay is too low and without a position to strive for, your interest has started to dramatically wane.

The strange part is, you actually like the company you work for and wouldn’t mind staying if there were a new position to aim for.

The only solution: head back to school to improve your business credentials and increase your potential for relocation to a higher position within your current company.

But school costs money; money you don’t have. But you do have a home and with Alpine Credits, a home and a mortgage is all you need to apply for a Canadian home equity loan.

Even if your credit is terrible, as long as you have been paying your mortgage payments, Alpine Credits will lend you the capital you need.

Don’t close the door on your dream of heading back to school. Apply for a second mortgage and you can afford to pay tuition and take the time off work to reeducate yourself in your current field.

Improve Your Value To Your Company

We Have A Winner!

Alpine Credits would like to congratulate Gabbi Hockman, the winner of our Home Renovation Contest. Gabbi submitted a photo of her newly redone kitchen, featuring a freshly tiled floor and counter backsplash.

Gabbi recently finished her master’s degree and decided it was time to upgrade her four-bedroom home. Along with the improvements to her kitchen, Gabbi also repainted the entire upstairs of her home. She had professionals install a new hot water heater, electrical box, sani plus pump and multiple light fixtures.

Gabbi had help financing her project. Her family gave her a gift card to Home Depot on the completion of her schoolwork. Other friends got together and bought her mortar to tile her kitchen as a birthday present.

Some of us may not be as fortunate to have such caring and giving family and friends, and occasionally we have to look for other means to finance our home improvement projects. If you fall into this category and are looking for a loan to improve your home, consult the personal financiers at Alpine Credits. Alpine Credits will allow you to use your home as equity to apply for a loan that will allow you to make the necessary improvements to your living space.

Your kitchen deserves to look as good as Gabbi’s. Apply for a home equity loan to improve your home. It will be the best investment you ever made.

Gabbi Hockman's Kitchen Renovation

To see all of Gabbi’s photos and read a little bit more about her renovation project, visit her blog at: Domesticated Academic.

Vancouver is the World’s Most Livable City

For the fifth straight year in a row Vancouver has been voted the most livable city in the world. But what does that mean for the local citizen? Sure we live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, with an excellent healthcare and education system, but what about all the extra added attention to our city?

It seems that the cost of living is higher than ever, the housing market is almost impossible to crack and the HST has crippled some small businesses.

With the influx of visitors and new residents, the tourism payoff is bound to improve many of the local industries, but it is often hard to gather enough capital to start a business.

Thats where Alpine Credits comes into play. If you own a home and are looking to finance a new business venture, Alpine Credits will lend you money depending on your home equity. That means we will grant you a second mortgage where you can borrow against the actual sum you have paid off on your original loan.

This money can help you buy property, machinery, business licenses, anything you need to move ahead.

Vancouver is a beautiful city to live in, but if you’re not progressing financially, it can also be a crippling lifestyle. Use your loan from Alpine Credits to boost your financial worth. Talk to a credit advisor today.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Super Bowl Predicts a Strong Economy

Gauging the health of our economy can be a guessing game at the very best. Like judging the length of winter on the whims of a Groundhog, forecasting the business trends of our markets is at times, purely speculation. But according to Maclean’s magazine, the relationship between the North American economy and the National Football League’s annual Super Bowl has the potential to tell a surprisingly accurate story about where our financial system is heading.

Two measuring sticks mentioned in the article are the price of the event tickets and the cost of a 30-sescond spot of television advertising.  With the prices of a stadium seat rising 40% from last year’s bowl, it seems as though North Americans are more willing to spend their hard earned pay on an evening’s entertainment.

The advertising prices were also up from 2010, with the average spot going for around $3 million US. The majority of these ads were from the auto industry, a sector that was almost in ruins two years ago. Now, with the help of celebrity endorsements like Eminem, the bailed out auto manufactures are back on top, willing to prove to the world that North America is determined to rebuild.

So what does all this conjecture mean for the average citizen: if you believe in these things, now is the time to invest in domestic product.

Need help coming up with the funds? Alpine Credits is here to help.

With a home equity loan, you could be the stimulus needed to rekindle your business. Your home improvements could raise the real estate value of your neighbourhood. Your financing of your daughter’s education could in turn change the national potential of Canada’s biochemical field.

And with investments like these, who reaps the rewards?

We all do.

Hope you enjoyed the game and the optimistic outlook.

Super Bowl Strength

When The Bank Slams The Door…

It’s Friday morning. You just spent the last hour and a half talking with your financial advisor at the bank. She gave you the answer you were dreading: “No, there’s no way the bank will lend you anymore money.” With your credit already maxed, it seems like that final step in creating your home business is just out of reach. Now you get to spend the whole weekend in a miserable funk.

You Still Have Options

Wait! It’s not quite time to pull the plug.

Alpine Credits can help, when the banks say ‘No!’  We are the leading lender in home equity loans in Canada. Even with BC bad credit, Alpine Credits can lend you the funds you need if you own a home and have been paying your mortgage payments each month

With a home equity loan you will be able to continue your plan to finance your home business. In a year or two, when the cheques are flying in, you will look back on your good fortune. And to think, that a last attempt Google search for ‘no credit loan vancouver,’ led you to the company that would eventually pay for the final stage of your business plan.

Improve your weekend. Apply on-line for a home equity loan today.

Good Manners

Sure, saying ‘please’ when you order a fudge sundae might get you an extra cherry on top, but it’ll get you nowhere if you’re asking the banks for a home loan. It doesn’t matter if you own your home, and have paid years of mortgage on it, or if you’ve got great credit, or even if you’ve been a loyal customer of the bank. If they find a reason not to give you a loan, however obscure or unreasonable that reason may be, the final answer will be ‘NO’ (final answer).

If you’re sick of your good behavior getting you nowhere, give us a call. At Alpine Credits, we believe that anyone who’s got what it takes to be a homeowner deserves a home equity loan, even if you’ve got bad credit or no credit. “Pretty please” or not, you’ve got a loan.

There’s No Better Time Than Now

Debt doesn’t take vacations, it doesn’t take time off, it doesn’t go on maternity leave, it does not call in sick, nor does it go on soul-searching sabbaticals from work. Debt works 365 days a year and 366 on leap years. It’s a 24-7 type of worker and when it’s at work – oh man, does it work hard.

So while you’re, say, sitting on your couch munching on some popcorn watching reruns of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, participating in some retail therapy on Robson Street, or playing in the snow (or lack thereof) at Whistler, your debt is chugging away, working hard to build its resume and in effect, demolishing your credit score.

Needless to say, the sooner you deal with your debt, the better. Unlike banks, we think that’s as good an excuse as any to get home equity loans. And as soon as you get one, you’ll be able to consolidate your debt or get rid of it altogether. Think about it like you’re giving your debt a pink slip.

Credit Mistakes

All throughout our lives, we’re told that it’s important to get good grades. You need good score on our 1st grade spelling quiz so that you can get a gold star, good grades on your provincial exams so that you can get into a good university, good marks in university so that you can get a good job, good reviews from your employers so that you can get a promotion – the list goes on.

It’s no surprise then, to hear that it’s critical to have a good credit score. Without one, you’ll be hard-pressed to get a loan from the banks, buy a car, or even to rent a house. At Alpine Credits, we get that good credit is important. But we also get that life isn’t all about numbers and scores. We know that even the best of us can fall behind on payments and get into some financial trouble, which is why we won’t hold your bad credit against you when you come to us for a home equity loan. After all, isn’t making mistakes a part of life?

As luck would have it…

There’s something so exhilarating about scraping the grey layer off of a scratch-and-win ticket with a quarter. It could be the thrill of potentially winning $10,000, or maybe it’s the buzz you get from picking the right squares to scratch.

You’re not sure why you keep buying them, especially since the most you end up winning is $10. One thing you know is that winning the big 649 jackpot is next to impossible; whereas scratching your own way to fortune puts a little more control in your own hands.

What you probably don’t know, though, is that a home equity loan could potentially put hundreds of thousands of dollars into your pockets, and will probably save you a lot of money in scratch-and-win tickets. And don’t worry if you’ve got bad credit or none at all. As long as you own a home, you will qualify for a home equity loan. Just fill out one simple form, and our home equity loan experts will contact you right away.

Dead. End. Road.

The process to get a bank loan is a long and weary one. There are telephone calls to be made with various automated customer service representatives, tedious forms to be filled out, and lots of red tape to navigate through. It’s a sticky mess, and one that’s totally worth it – if you get approved for the loan at the end of it all.

But if, say, you’ve got a less than perfect credit score or if you’re above a certain age, your attempt at getting a loan from the bank will most likely be a futile one. What’s a blip to you on your record is a devastating pothole to the banks, even if you own a home. And you can be sure that they’ll use it against you when breaking the dreaded two-letter word to you.

So if you need money now, or you just want to skip the whole mess altogether, give us a call. We specialize in home equity loans, which allows you to tap into the value of your home, which could potentially be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We don’t give a damn about how old you are, what your credit score is, how many cars you own, what colour your car is, or whatever it is that banks feel the need to know. We operate under the notion that, if you own a home, you’ve got a home equity loan. Oh, and it takes about 1 minute to fill out our application form, and less than no time for us to call you back.

Second Chances

Cats have 9 lives and people get 2nd chances. So why is it that your credit score can be ruined by one blip on your financial record? And why is it that a less than perfect credit score is reason enough for the banks to reject your application for a loan?

It doesn’t seem very fair, especially considering the fact that you own a home. If the dedication and hard work it took for you to become a homeowner isn’t enough to qualify for a loan than what is? And if you’re in a certain age group that the banks deem ‘old’, you can forget about borrowing a dime from the banks, let alone getting a 2nd chance for having a low credit score.

Where banks are wary of giving people 2nd chances, we dole them out. At Alpine Credits, we don’t care if you have bad credit, or none at all. And we don’t care about some silly number that dictates your age.  As long as you own your home, we will give you a home equity loan.

Debt, debt, go away.

We’ve always got our eye on the US economy. Not only because we’re friendly neighbours, but because they’re such an economic powerhouse that their financial well-being inevitably effects ours and the rest of the world’s.

So when we read that $1.3 trillion of consumer debt is delinquent (something our dear friend Scarlett would know about) during our routine scan of the business section in the New York Times, it was another disheartening reminder that the world is not even close to getting out of the financial backwoods. The only sliver of hope is that consumers are at least trying to curb their debt by opening less credit card accounts, a lesson that we hold dear to our hearts.

Although we averted an economic meltdown of that magnitude due to our strict mortgage rules, Canadians have felt the downstream effects of the recession by the widespread loss of job and business opportunities.

If you’re struggling to pay the bills and manage your debt, there’s still hope. Because at Alpine Credits, we don’t care if you’ve got bad credit, or none at all. We don’t follow the same stiff rules that banks do. The only requirement is that you own your home. If you do, you can get a loan.

Vancouver On Top

It’s no secret. It’s nice living in a bustling city that’s conveniently nestled between the mountains and ocean. The year-round, mild weather, compliments of Vancouver Island, is not bad either. It’s so great, in fact, that it drives up the value of Vancouver’s real estate to rates that triple those of Winnipeg and double those of Toronto. According to Tsur Somerville, the director of UBC’s Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate, “If you want Winnipeg-level house prices here, all you have to do is tear down the mountains and fill in the ocean.”

So if you own a home in Vancouver, pat yourself on the back. Unless a colossal sized demolition ball and concrete truck take over the city, you’ve got yourself quite the stable investment. And if you really want to reward yourself – say, to go on a vacation to Bora Bora, to renovate your kitchen, or even get rid of your debt – get a home equity loan.

The Bare Necessities

If you cut out the luxuries in your life – no more vacations, movie channels, fancy cell phones, shopping for clothes, parties, or decorating your home – what would you be left with?
Probably food, water, shelter, and most likely a car. But even the bare necessities come at a cost. Even if you’re dining on instant noodles and sipping tap water, you’ve still got to pay for electricity, property taxes, and gas for your car. At the bare minimum, you’ve still got bills to pay.

It’s kind of like when you pay your credit card bills, and you pay the minimum payment due -  it’s good that you’re paying your bills, but it’s not quite good enough because of all the debt you’re accruing (with interest!).

So whether you’re paying for the bare necessities, or you’re paying off that vacation to Hawaii that you put on your credit card, consider getting a home equity loan. Pay off your debt in full, and stop letting the banks take advantage of your finances with their credit cards and high interest rates.

Hot Summer Daze

As BC experiences record-breaking weather in the most recent heat wave, sunbathers in Vancouver have been flocking to the beach to get their tan on. For those of us who can’t get time off work this summer, lying out at Kits Beach with a paper-bagged beer in hand is about as close as we can get to the white, sandy shores of Honolulu.

But if you’re one of the lucky few to get vacation time, take advantage of the last remaining weeks of summer by going away. And if money’s as slow as the long summer days, let us help you by getting a home equity loan. Because whether it’s taking your kids to Disneyland before school starts, or whisking your significant other away on a tour of Europe, there’s no better time than now.

Family Reunions

With all the technology we have access to nowadays, keeping in touch with family and friends is as easy as pressing the ‘on’ button. Whether it’s with Skype, or if you’re really lucky, FaceTime on the new iPhone, talking to your kids and grandkids is just about as close as you can get to the real thing. As great as virtual reality has become, sometimes it doesn’t quite feel like enough. After all, attending your grandson’s graduation and giving your daughter a hug when she becomes a new mom prove to be difficult on video chat.

As much as you hate to miss these life-changing events in the lives of your loved ones, flights cross-country cause a huge strain on your post-retirement finances. However, if you own your home, you’re in luck. With one simple form, you will be on your way to getting a home equity loan so you don’t have to miss your next family reunion, unless of course, it’s your smelly cousin Midge’s 90th birthday.


There are a lot of reasons why people accrue debt. Maybe you’re starting up a new business, renovating your house, paying for student loans, or just splurging on luxuries. Most likely, you’re doing a combination of the above but in some cases, you’re doing all of the above.

Whatever the reasons, we’re not ones to judge. We can’t say the same for banks that will reject your application for a loan if you’ve got bad credit or if you’re too old. At Alpine Credits, our only concern is to help you consolidate your debt by getting a home equity loan.


We talk about all sorts of things on this little ol’ blog of ours – home renovations, vacations, retirement, Vancouver, homeownership, real estate, debt consolidation, home equity loans, and bad credit, to name a few. As nice as it is to spend time reading stories and articles, sometimes all we want to do is to get the bare bones facts:

We’re Alpine Credits. We’re in the business of opening doors for you. If you own your home and need money, we will help you get a home equity loan. Even if you were rejected by the bank because of your age, or have bad credit or no credit.

Fuel the Fire

At Alpine Credits we’re all for business start-ups because we’ve been there before. Excited about your idea, solid business plan in hand, and dressed in your best suit, you head to the bank for your interview full of confidence that the loan is in your pocket – only to hear that your credit is not good enough. That was a huge hit for us to take when we were in those shoes. So we created Alpine Credits. If you need the initial capital to start up your business, give us a call. As long as you own your home, we will give you a loan.

looking this sharp will do you no good at banks


It looks like payday for Elin Nordegren, former nanny and model extraordinaire, who just received a divorce settlement totaling $100 million from soon-to-be ex-husband Tiger Woods. For all of you out there who didn’t marry a sex-addicted pro athlete sans prenup who just so happens to be a billionaire, there are home equity loans. And Alpine Credits will give you one, bad credit or no credit, so that you can consolidate your debt, pay off your bills, renovate your house, heck even go on vacation. If you own your home, you’ll qualify for a loan.

whoever wins this staring contest gets...$100 million!

The Job Hunt

Word on the streets is that the number of job opportunities is on the rise in Canada, meaning lower unemployment rates, more earning, more spending, goodbye recession – you get the point. However, it seems as if this trend is true only in certain cities like St. John’s, Trois-Rivieres, Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton. Sadly, our beloved city of Vancouver was not among the lucky bunch. If you’re struggling to pay off your debt and bills, or if you want to start a new business, a home equity loan could be a good solution, especially if you’ve got bad credit or no credit. We’ll loan you money during these hard times, even if your bank won’t.

and the hunt continues...

Beautiful House

Now that your house is all cleaned up, walking through your house doesn’t involve pirouetting around piles of collected junk. The countertops are empty, the walls are barren, and all your belongings are neatly organized and hidden away in drawers, cupboards, and your newly acquired collection of Rubbermaid containers. Only thing is, now you’re left with a rather sterile looking space that’s in serious need of some personality.

What you need to do now is to decorate your home and breathe some life into it. Big wall collage of old family pictures and vacation photos look great on white walls. Create one by putting the pictures in mismatching frames and hanging them in a big cluster on your wall. If you’re feeling adventurous, support your local artists and visit art galleries like Access, Artspeak, Back Gallery Project, and Elliot Louis. Check out this blog for more interior decorating ideas.

Your house is your home, and at Alpine Credits we’re all for making it look like one. So if you need a loan to spice up your living space, give us a call. We will help you tap into the value of your home, even if you’ve got bad credit or no credit at all. Fill out one simple form and one of our home equity loan specialists will contact you to guide you through the process.

Clean House

Everyone’s got a little bit of clutter in his home. It adds character. But when the clutter becomes a mess that turns into a pigsty, it is not charming. It’s not cute. It’s downright distracting and nasty. Enter Details Modern Order, an organizational company that will help you clean and de-clutter your home. Think Hoarders but without the melodramatic psychological spin. Founder and professional organizer Shelley Davies works under the philosophy that less is more, helping you part with your grandmother’s collection of plastic cat figurines, your high school chemistry notebooks, and other things you ‘can’t live without’. It’s a good idea if you’re about to put your house on the market since a clean and organized home is more attractive to buyers. If you’re short on cash to de-clutter your home, call Alpine Credits. We will help you get a home equity loan, even if you have bad credit or no credit at all. Your new and improved home is one simple form away.



Good news and Bad News

It’s good news for buyers and bad news for sellers that the Vancouver real estate market has finally passed its peak. The market, which saw unprecedented growth in the past year, seemed to be immune from the housing crisis that was felt by other N. American cities. Sellers largely controlled the market, with buyers vying for houses as if they were playing Monopoly.

It’s understandable if you own a home and want to wait until the next real estate boom before selling your house. But if you’re having a hard time paying all your bills or if you want to consolidate your debt, consider getting a home equity loan. It’s like a second mortgage on your house but without all the paperwork and credit checks that banks will put you through. At Alpine Credits, we don’t care if you’ve got bad credit or no credit. If you own your home, you will qualify. Just fill out this simple form, and you’ll be one step closer to financial freedom.

gotta catch 'em all?

Go Greener BC

There’s a new clean energy act that is aimed at reducing power usage by calling on BC Hydro to install a high-tech energy grid to detect fraudulent activity and interactive power meters in every home. The power meters will provide customers with real-time information from BC Hydro – when’s the best time to turn on the dishwasher, how much stand-by electricity is being used, what appliances are consuming the most energy. It’s a great idea, kind of like this.

If we’re more aware of the culprits of energy consumption, maybe we’ll use less of it. And if we use less of it, we can avoid accidents like this: Even better, you might even be inspired to install a solar panel on your roof to offset your energy guzzling and reduce your Hydro bills. At Alpine Credits, we are all for anything green (have you seen our website?). So much so, that we will give you a loan if you want to take the initiative to reduce your household’s carbon footprint. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve got bad credit or no credit – BC Hydro keeps score, we don’t.

the roof is on fire

the roof is on fire

I’m on a boat!

Three wise men and a rapper once sang, “Hey ma, if you could see me now, arms spread wide on the starboard now, gonna fly this boat to the moon somehow, like Kevin Garnett anything is possible”. Although the Kevin Garnett part is questionable, we agree with their general sentiment of affection toward the leisurely nautical activity.

However, if you’re strapped for cash, the last thing on your mind is sailing the ocean blue. At best, you could take your kids on trips to the beach this summer, only to watch the sea-liners cruise towards the horizon. And when you’re feeling particularly vicarious, you could ride the sea bus to North Van  and pretend like you’re on the Royal Caribbean.

We at Alpine Credits want to make sure that your summer doesn’t look this grim. In fact, if you own your home, we will lend you money so that you can take your family on a well-deserved vacation this summer. On a real boat, to a real tropical paradise (sorry, N. Van).

It’s simple. Just fill out this form and we’ll contact you if you qualify for a home equity loan. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, and if you’ve got bad credit or low income – as long as you own a home, we’ll lend you money so that you can channel your inner Andy Samberg on an ocean cruiser this summer.

proper boating attire

The 3 Little Pigs

Remember the story about the 3 little piggies? Well, if you were the 3rd little pig and worked hard to build your home, it’ll pay off when the big, bad wolf comes along. In this case, the big, bad wolf is the economic downturn and the protection you have is in the form of a home equity loan.

The growing pile of bills on your desk is digging you deep into debt, so call us and learn how easy it is to receive a loan so that you can consolidate your debt. And if financial security is what you’re looking for, Alpine Credits will help you even if you’ve got bad credit or no credit.

Go bother the other two!

Did you know?

Did you know your credit score is based on a formula made up by companies in Chicago and Atlanta ?  In other words, the main criteria for lending you money here in Western Canada is determined by companies in the Chicago & Atlanta.  Does that seem fair?  Alpine Credits is a Western Canadian based finance company that’s helped homeowners with home equity loans since 1969. If you own your home we’ll lend you the money, no matter what they say down South.




Information on your credit report.

Dance! Canada! Dance!

Driver’s Ed

So your car broke down on your way home, leaving you stranded on Highway 97 with two agitated kids fussing in the backseat.  Unless you’re lucky (or unlucky, depending how you look at it) enough to be driving one of Toyota’s recalled vehicles, you’re going to be looking at a sizable towing bill and a massive dent in your wallet in order to get something you-didn’t even-know-existed in your car replaced.  The mechanic will tell you that your car absolutely needs a new safety loop driveshaft in order to function—at which point you’ll find yourself wondering whether your ’91 Honda Civic is even worth the $685 replacement.

A quick peek in the classifieds will tell you that it’s not.  Although you’d probably be better off getting your kids out of the backseat and hopping on the cab to the nearest car dealership, it’s not a feasible option when you’ve got energy, phone, cable, and credit card bills piling up and bad credit. That’s where we come in.  If you own a home, give us a call and see if you qualify for a home equity loan that puts money in your wallet so you’ll never be coerced into buying another driveshaft, torsion bar, or flywheel housing gasket again.

I'll tell you what you need!

Bad Credit Befalls the Best of Us – Some Famous Cases of Bad Debt.

If you suffer from bad credit, no credit or crazy debt, you aren’t the only one. Many famous people have taken a walk in your threadbare shoes.

Here are a few famous characters that have also faced bankruptcy and hardship in their lives, but made up for it with a life lived gloriously.

1. Dismissed most of his life as a failure, Rembrandt was an eccentric artist, a heavy drinker, a gambler, always saddled with enormous debts. He truly outlived his means, because perhaps somehow he knew that his destiny was greater than that of his time. Today, four hundred years later, he is regarded as one of the greatest romantic artists. His paintings sell for tens of millions of dollars, and whole cities celebrate in his honour

2. Thomas Edison was not always a noble inventor. For the first years of his life was a die-hard optimist, with no doubt in his mind, that one day, someway, he would catch his break. He worked tirelessly on his inventions until they bankrupted him. He was deep into debt, to the point that no one wanted to lend him another dime. Had he given up, he would have been forgotten, and some other wild-eyed entrepreneur would have taken credit for his lightbulb, and hundreds of other inventions. But he didn’t, and today he has over 1093 US Patents in his name.

3. Extraordinary writer Henry Miller lived most of his life with a smile on his face, no matter how hopeless his situation may have been. He lived with beggars and bohemians, drunks, and lovers and ladies of the night in a wild whirlwind that saw him scraping by from one borrowed dime to the next, with never so much of a care as to where the next meal was coming from. He lived his passion, and enjoyed every second of this wonderful world in a state of perpetual bad debt and worse credit. Today, he is regarded as one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century, judged more from how he lived his life than the actual words he put on paper.

The moral of the story is: Before you start beating yourself up for a mistake here, or a bad investment there, it’s important to look back at all of the great heroes, and how they sometimes started from being in debt as well. Anything is possible with a little help when it’s needed. Especially from Alpine Credits, that will take the once-hidden equity of your home, and loan you what you need, to set you on the path to a life well lived.

Mountains and Mountains and Mountains of Debt

Do you look at your kitchen table and see nothing but bills? It can get a little overwhelming. Piles of statements from credit card companies and department stores and phone companies – and why do they always have to come at exactly the same time!?

Looking at a scattered assortment of credit can be so scary, that some people just put it off. They just close their eyes and hope they’ll go away.

Even more dangerous is the auto-pay option with rent and phone bills, where it just comes straight out of your account, without you even noticing. Yikes! How many times have you gone into overdraft without even realizing. Then there are cheques you wrote but forgot about, and now they are coming up NSF.

People are calling, collectors are leaving messages.

“Leave me alone!” is all you can think.

If this nightmare seems familiar – there are things you can do to remedy your situation. The first step is to CONSOLIDATE YOUR DEBT. Take all of your bills, that mountain on your table, and crunch them all up into a little ball. Now, don’t throw them into the garbage can just yet, but think of it like that. With one phone call to Alpine Credits, we can use your home equity to turn all of that mess into one low monthly payment. And then you’re done with it! Your fees could be reduced by as much as 2/3rds. We’ve seen people paying $1500 a month in fees, suddenly start paying $500. It’s not a miracle, it’s just the power of your home equity.

So if you own a home, give us a call today, and we can turn that mountain, into a molehill.

mountains of debt

Home Equity Loans Explained in 30 Seconds

The whole concept of Home Equity can seem a bit baffling at first.

First of all – what is equity? And why would you be willing to give me hundreds of thousands of dollars, just because I own my home?

If it seems too good to be true. It isn’t. It’s just simple math. You have been putting money into your home for years, and now, you have every right to take that money back out to use it as you want.

  • You could start your own business.
  • You could get rid of all of your debt.
  • You could take a second honeymoon.
  • You could put your kids through university.
  • You could even get that car you always wanted.

Anything is possible!

Here is a 30-second demonstration to explain it a bit more clearly for you.

And if you have any further questions about how we can help with Bad Credit Loans BC, Alberta no matter how far away, give us a call, or visit our website


Bad Credit Loan BC

Are you making the most of your home?

All of the money you’ve put into your home – it’s still there. It’s stored in an investment that finance people call “equity.” If you’ve been paying your mortgage diligently for years, you could be entitled to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Right now, only your bank has access to that money. But you could be using it: To improve your life, or to grow your investments. Whether it’s paying off your debt in one swoop, expanding your business, or re-investing in your house, the opportunity is there for you to utilize your assets.

Don’t be discouraged by the banks. Our criteria is simple. If you have a home, we’ll provide you with the money you need to reach your goals, no matter what. We don’t judge. Because we’ve all been there. Your home’s worth a loan. That’s our straightforward, no-nonsense policy. Everything in life should be so simple.

open the door to financial security

Home Sweet Loan

Who is Alpine Credits?

Why do I need them when I can just borrow money from the bank?

Read on, dear reader, read on. This blog will provide many reasons about why the banks may come up short for you, just when you need them most. And if you own your home, Alpine Credits is more than happy to help.

We are can-do, optimistic lenders, with our mind in the big picture. We don’t judge. No matter what your credit, age, or income, we don’t turn our noses up at anyone. If you own your home, Alpine Credits can get you the money you need – no matter what. Simple as that. Your success is our success.

Home Sweet Loan

Home Sweet Loan

Get the money you need without the drama

Let’s keep this simple. You own your home. That’s a great start in building a secure financial future. But do you know what your house is beyond just a place to live in? It’s pure capital.

You can use your equity to invest in yourself. You can build that kitchen you’ve always wanted. Or, consolidate mountains of credit card debt. If you leverage the value of your home, it can free up thousands of dollars. 

With some startup capital you can have your very own business. Most people start a business and they are in debt, taking years to reach a break-even point. But if you own a home, you’re ahead, after all, most people don’t. Use your current success as a stepping-stone to future achievements.

Your home is the most valuable thing that you own. So why just leave it at that? Invest in yourself. A new kitchen, a garage, or a new pool can increase the value of your property many times over.

We are in the middle of a recession, and Canadians from coast to coast are suffering with debt. If you own a home, consider yourself lucky. We can consolidate your debt into one easy payment that is far more manageable. We have been known to reduce people’s debt by up to 2/3rds.

To find out more, contact Alpine Credits today.

money sans drama

Bad Credit Loans in BC

If you have bad credit, no credit or a history of bankruptcy, you might have trouble getting a loan from the banks. If you are looking for a home equity loan, you can pretty much forget it, because the banks won’t touch anything they deem as ‘too risky.’

Alpine Credits, on the other hand, only looks at one thing – do you own a home. If you are a homeowner, then you have all of the collateral you need. Alpine Credits will lend you $10K, $20K, even $300K based on the value of the equity you’ve built up in your home.

If you have thought about doing a new kitchen renovation, or putting in a new deck or pool – those kinds of investments only increase the value of your home, and subsequently – your equity.

Re-investing in yourself through a new business is also a good way to make use of your home equity.

And most importantly, if you can consolidate all of your high-cost debt into one low monthly payment – you are saving yourself money right out of the gate.

If you have bad credit, or no credit and you are seeking a bad credit loan in BC or Alberta, you don’t need to worry about the rejection from the banks – Alpine Credits can help you to make your financial dreams a reality.

When the banks won't help.