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Vancouver Mortgage Brokers

Young families need to save every dollar in these cash-stretched times. When it comes time to invest in a home, using a Vancouver mortgage broker can help secure the lowest term possible. This means more money for sports teams, family vacations and healthy living expenditures.

When unexpected turns in life require more capital, young homeowners can use the home equity they have secured from paying into their initial mortgage. That home equity allows them to apply for a second mortgage.

Unfortunately, ‘traditional’ Vancouver mortgage brokers might find it hard to find a bank willing to grant a second mortgage. Lack of employment or a poor credit rating can stop the process before it starts to move. Mortgage brokers hired by individuals with struggling debt issues, often return to their clients empty-handed, unable to offer them a package that provides the requested capital.

At Alpine Credits, the only condition required is partial payment of the original mortgage. Employment, bad credit, age – none of these issues matter. Approved the very next day, families can have immediate access to the funds they require. Less wait means increased efficiency. Increased efficiency means dollars saved.

To find out more about Vancouver second mortgages, call 1-800-NEWLOAN.

New Media Marketing

In today’s modern world, marketing has taken on a new approach. It used to be that you put up a billboard or bought ad space in the local paper to spread the word about your company. Those days are behind us.

With more and more people working from home, there is less need for physical advertising.

The message needs to be delivered through a medium that people consume on a daily basis. The Internet is this medium. People check their Facebook and monitor their Twitter on an hourly basis. They might not know for weeks that their neighbour sold his house down the block, but within minutes they know their friend in Buenos Aires had a baby girl.

Social media is the perfect tool to advertise on. If your company is not plugged in, they will be left behind. It is that simple.

Feeling the pressure? Need to boost your online presence? Make room in your marketing budget for improving your online portfolio. Start with your website. Move on to Facebook and Twitter. Hire a professional.

Find the funds you need for this new expenditure with a loan from Canada’s home equity loan providers, Alpine Credits.

Marketing is a tricky business. It’s hard to gauge its worth, but at the same time it serves a priceless function in attracting new business; new business that will have your loan paid off in no time.

Become More Social

Vancouver Lawyers

Q: What do rhinos and lawyers have in common?
A: Both are thick skinned and ready to charge whatever they like.

For some, this is a joke that provides a gut-filled laugh. For others, it is a cruel reminder of the ballooning costs of a personal legal battle.
Divorce proceedings, civil action suits, mediated resolutions, these are the lawyer’s trade and the common man’s nightmare.
Paying for the services of a barrister can be taxing, especially if the proceedings are drawn out. To survive the financial blood letting, many participants look to borrow capital in order to pay for their immediate legal work.
Alpine Credits is one of the lending organizations that can help pay for court related costs. With a home equity loan, clients are given immediate access to funds that allow them to proceed with their legal engagements. This extra capital allows them to survive stand-offs where they might otherwise have drowned in legal fees.
If you are struggling to retain the service of a lawyer, call us to obtain a home equity loan. We wish you the best in your proceedings.

Legal Fees

Roofing Issues

Like the never-ending bucket brigade in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, the Vancouver skies can dump rain for eight months of the year.
Protecting our homes from leaks is a priority for every Vancouver homeowner.
If your roof is starting to show its wear, a Vancouver roof repair could save you the cost of purchasing a full roofing package. Most Vancouver roofing companies offer service and support seven days a week. With close to two weeks of sun predicted over the coming weeks, now is the time to spend money on either a quality roof repair or a brand new tile, asphalt, cedar or slate roof.
In a city known for its rain, a dependable roof is a wise investment. Paying for quality workmanship and product costs a small fortune. Alpine Credits, Vancouver’s leading home equity loan company, can help pay for the project.
Alpine Credits specializes in assisting Vancouverites with the unexpected. In less than a day, customers can be approved for a Vancouver credit loan. Using the home they wish to improve as equity, borrowers can increase the value of their investment while making their home more environmentally secure. A win-win situation for keeping the family dry.

Vancouver Roofing

Grey Cup!

Well tomorrow is the Grey Cup!

The BC Lions will be taking on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for the 99th Grey Cup tomorrow in the new BC Place Stadium.

Here’s a site for all the details you might need for watching the big game.

Kick off: 3:30 p.m., TSN, RDS, SIRIUS Satellite radio channel 157.

Now, to get pumped up. Here’s a little Roar You Lions Roar!

Grey Cup Weekend

In less than a week, the BC Lions will be playing for the Grey Cup trophy under the newly renovated roof of B.C. Place.

Leading up to the big game, the city is planning three days of downtown festivities. On Friday, the street party begins, with seven acts spread out over the course of the day. Don’t miss Guilty about Girls at 6:00 and the West Coast hip-hopper, Kyprios at 8:30. The Telus stage is located at Robson and Beatty.

Saturday begins with the Grey Cup parade at 10:00. Other activities include the Fire Fighters BBQ and the Vancouver Convention Centre Stage. Highlights for the day include The Odds at 7:30 and Said the Whale at 9:30, back at the street party.

Sunday, only in Canada, a tailgate ‘brunch’ will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The gates for the stadium will open at 1:30, with the kick-off going at 3:30. If you can’t make it down, catch the Grey Cup on CBC.

Enjoy the party, the confidence and the new building. This is our year to raise the roof.

Iron Mountainwear Leg Armour

A recent satisfied client emailed us this week to tell us about the unique way he spent his Vancouver credit loan. He received the money in early August, a day after he applied for his loan. He used a portion of the money to pay for a new roof and the rest went to a backyard development project for his son.

‘What sort of development you ask?’ The client used his capital to build an outdoor dirt track for his son to indulge his mountain biking passion. The father saw the boy’s talent blossoming and wanted to offer him the opportunity to take his skills from raw desire to refined conditioning.

Father and son spent all of August hauling dirt, building kickers and testing a small, but very usable dirt track. At the end of the month they had a semi-professional track built on their three-acre property.

With the remaining Vancouver credit loan funds, the father started paying for a weekly, two-hour, private coaching session with the town pro. He also bought his son the best protective equipment money could afford; starting with leg armour from Iron Mountainwear. Passion can take you to the top, but protective gear will keep you there.

Our client promises to update us on his son’s progress. We will be sure to pass on whatever news he sends us.

Paid Protection: Leg Armour for the Aerially Ambitious

Adult Swim

Is the only quality time you have with your partner between the hours of 10pm and 6am? When is the last time you enjoyed a nice glass of wine and a conversation that didn’t involve teething, diapers, baby talk or Caillou?

You need a vacation! And not a family vacation. God love them, but you need some  time to unwind; just you, your partner, sand and a cold drink.

Alpine Credits suggests taking a quick vacation to the island of Kauai. Forget Oahu – too touristy. You’re looking for away time. Go with the oldest Hawaiian island: Kauai.

Kauai offers everything needed for a parental break. There are six major resorts, 50 miles of beach and a number of quaint towns for shopping and exploring. Landmarks not to miss are the Waimea Canyon and the Wailua River. There are ten golf courses spaced out over the island. The signature hole at Princeville is worth the flight and then some.

Just want to relax? Try the famous Lomi Lomi massage. It will remove all the ankle bites and daycare stress. Guaranteed.

And don’t worry about the kids, your mother would love to have them over for the week. They might return a little spoiled, but your mom won’t bother you for months afterwards.

A Vancouver credit loan will get you there and back, with all the add-ons, accommodation and food costs covered. Indulge this winter. Take a break. Fly away and return refreshed and ready for the next onslaught of dirty diapers and sleepless nights.



You’ve decided to renovate your kitchen over the winter. You applied for a Vancouver second mortgage and received it the same day. You have the money, the basic skills, the time and the desire to create the perfect cooking stage. Well, perfect for you and your family.

So where do you start? With the gutting.

Before you start ripping out everything, take a few days to consider which current structural elements could be applied to your new design. Starting from scratch is time consuming, costly and can add unneeded challenges.

Someone has already gone to the trouble of measuring, cutting and creating the bone structure of your kitchen. Don’t reinvent the wheel. There is always the possibility your calculations could come out a fraction off.

Trust us. The new countertop will look great on the existing frame.

Good luck.

Send us a photo of the final result and we’ll publish it on our blog, along with a short write-up about your renovation project.

Always Measure First

Edmonton Second Mortgage

The Oilers are riding a six-game winning streak, the Eskimos are on top of the Western Conference standings and oil is still in demand all over the world. It’s good to be from Edmonton

But sometimes you need a break from the cold. That’s why there is Mexico.

A time-share condo on the beach would be the perfect cure for November’s blues, December’s chills, January’s hangover and February’s cold heart. The whole family could soak up the Vitamin D and return to wild rose country with the vigor of Nugent-Hopkins and the wisdom of Ricky Ray.

An Edmonton second mortgage from Alpine credits can help you afford that destination property. Consider it a health investment; three or four weeks of the year in paradise and then back to the job. It’s the only way to live.

Find out how your current home can help you pay for your yearly escape. Talk to a dedicated lending advisor to learn more about Edmonton second mortgages.

Room With a View

The Wrong Decision

An example of a smart decision: applying for a credit loan for the purpose of debt consolidation. With a loan from Alpine Credits, you could pay off all your individual creditors and lower your interest rate. Instead of more than a handful of bills each month, you would receive one. Smart!

An example of a poor decision: painting your skin black to go as Jay-Z to a costume party.

Raffi Torres, formerly of the Vancouver Canucks and now playing with the Phoenix Coyotes, chose the second option. Torres and his girlfriend painted their skin (which is normally white) black to resemble the skin tone of Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce. They showed off their costumes at a party atteneded by a number of Coyote players.

Unfortunately for Torres, Paul Bissonnette who also plays for the Phoenix Coyotes, was one of those players.

Bissonnette has a massive following on Twitter for his account @BizNasty2point0. During the party, Bissonnette snapped a picture of the couple and uploaded it on his Twitter using the Twitpic application. Thousands of hockey and sports fans were lead to a photo that showed Torres and his girlfriend in make-up that (questionably) resembled the ‘blackface’ worn in the early American minstrel shows.

It is logical to believe that Torres was not intending to be racist, but in modern society there are somethings you never do. One of those is wear blackface. The oppressive humour that was originally attached to the practice of wearing blackface, will always connect the act to racist undertones.

In short, Torres should have known better. Especially being a public figure that younger players and fans look up to.



Using your credit loan for home renovations is an excellent way to improve the value of your home. The capital you receive from Alpine Credits can increase your profit when you decide to sell. In the meantime, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour as you relax in a modernized, aesthetically pleasing residence.

Knowing where and how much money to spend on renovations is key.

Always consider the local market before you start spending thousands on renos. A Gulf Island cottage should receive completely different fixtures, than a West End apartment.

Decide on what areas need work and order them in a list according to importance.

Start small and grade your ability to stay on budget. If you find your own work is becoming costly due to mistakes, consider hiring a professional.

If you do hire a tradesman, make sure you compare at least three quotes before handing over the job.

Check government websites for environmental tax breaks. These can save you hundreds of dollars come tax time.

Sometimes It's Best to Hire A Professional

Paying Tribute to the Hockey Stache

With Movember only weeks away, Alpine Credits would like to cast a pointed finger at some of the finest moustaches in the game of hockey.

5. Paul MacLean

At number five is Ottawa’s new head coach and former NHL player, Paul MacLean. Being that this is MacLean’s first year behind the bench, you’d think he would want his players to take him seriously. But with that beaver he wears above his lip, it’s a wonder the Ottawa locker room doesn’t have a looping laugh track.

Paul MacLean

4. George Parros

Parros is our fourth pic. We could go on for days about Anaheim’s finest soup-strainer, but we’ve seen George fight – so I think we’ve probably said enough already.

George Parros

3. Harold Snepsts

For a little local flavour, we give the third spot to the Canuck fan-favourite, Harold Snepsts. Snepsts was one of the most impressive defenders in Canuck history, but mention his name and your first thought goes directly to his lady tickler.

Harold Snepsts

2. Sidney Crosby

At second place we have Sidney Crosby; you got give the kid credit for trying. A man among boys on the ice, Sid’s face is still going through the pains of puberty. His panty-thin playoff stache gives hipsters cause to heckle.

Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby

1. Lanny MacDonald

Our top position goes to the ‘flaming walrus’ (we just made that nickname up) Lanny MacDonald. How could you not give it to Lanny? That stache was epic. It is what all staches aspire to be.

Winner: Lanny McDonald

Travel Budget

When the wet cold of the west coast becomes too much to bare, it’s time to fly away to somewhere warm, preferably where they serve tall drinks with fruit on the edges. A credit loan from Alpine Credits can have you in a tropical country in a matter of weeks.

An all-inclusive vacation can be the perfect answer for a stress-free week abroad, but if the beach and swim-up bar service are not what you are looking for, you may need to acquire a few financial saving tips before you pack your bag.

To aid you in your quest, Alpine Credits has compiled the following list of travel budgeting tips:

1. Do Your Research

-Spend the time online looking at accommodations in the area you wish to visit. Compare prices, check reviews and if you can, book ahead. It’s also beneficial to read up on reasonably priced restaurants. Food can be one of your biggest expenditures, next to your hotels. Knowing where there are affordable restaurants can save you time and money.

2. Buy a Travel Notebook (And Use It!!!)

-Write down the relevant research you collect before you leave. Then use your notebook to track your expenditures while you travel. Spend at least 10 minutes at the end of each day writing down what you spent your cash on. Review this list to see if you can save any money during the following days.

3. Rationally Consider Your Day Trip Options

-You don’t have to hit every tourist point in the guidebook. Choose one a day that you think would be really interesting. This will allow you time to enjoy the places you visit without feeling rushed. You’re on vacation don’t forget!

4. Talk to the Locals

-Locals are great for knowing where to cut costs. They’ve taken the tour and showed a dozen visiting family members the sights. Just make sure the cost cutting measures they suggest aren’t lining their own pockets.

Enjoy the Local Hospitality

Bonus Suggestion: Consider traveling with a group of similarly budgeted friends. This can lower your costs on car rentals and possibly accommodation. Just make sure they are in the same tax bracket. There is nothing worse than traveling with someone who is the exact opposite in terms of budgeting.

Portrait of a Young Swede

There are two things that Swedes do really, really, well. One of them is creating bubbly bubblegum pop music; the other is producing world-class hockey players. Living in Vancouver, the latter point might seem like a redundant statement. Almost every Swedish player who comes through the Canuck organization becomes a star in this town.

With both Markus Naslund and Henrik Sedin calling Sweden home, Vancouver hockey fans have been idolizing Scandinavian hockey giants for over a decade. But hiding in the shadows, amongst this teams greatest Nordic competitors, is Alexander Edler.

At twenty-five, Edler is now hitting his stride as a professional hockey player.

Like most Swedes in the league, Edler is a soft-spoken man off the ice. Where he veers from the normal Swede cutout is his ability to lay devastating body checks. With a threatening boom and a gifted offensive touch, Edler is making an impact on the Canucks blueline night after night.

Some fans and professional prognosticators are even comparing the young d-man to one of the greatest defenders to play the game, Nicklas Lidstrom. Sure they are both Swedes, so the comparison is to be expected, but even mentioning Edler’s name alongside Lidstrom’s is an honour.

Lidstrom has won the James Norris Trophy, for the top all-round defenseman, seven times. If Edler continues to improve his defensive abilities, he could, knock on wood, be looking at a Norris nomination in two-to-three years. Let’s hope he stays healthy.

Gå Sverige!

#23 Alexander Edler

Playoff Fact: Alexander Edler played with two broken fingers in the final game of the Boston 2011 playoff series.

ESPN ‘Unfriends’ Hank Williams Jr.

When Fox News thinks you crossed the line, you know you’re in trouble.

Hank Williams Jr. did just that on Monday, while appearing on “Fox and Friends,” a political talk show, where celebrity guests share their opinions on America’s political climate.

Being overly candid, Williams, in a massive error in judgement, compared current President Barak Obama to Adolf Hitler. Williams used the comparison while discussing Obama’s summer golf game with the House of Representatives Speaker, John Boehner. Williams claimed that the pairing “would be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu.”

The Fox News’ anchors were quick to separate their own views from that of Williams.

ESPN, who uses Williams song “All My Rowdy Friends” to open their Monday Night Football Broadcasts, quickly announced that they would not be using the artist’s music to open their October 3rd broadcast. “We are extremely disappointed with his comments,” an ESPN statement read, “and as a result we have decided to pull the open from tonight’s telecast.”

The station also distanced themselves from Williams, claiming that he is not a paid employee of their station.


Hank Williams Jr.

Back For More

After only three and half months of rest, the boys are back on the ice for another season of Canucks hockey.

The Canucks’ line-up is basically the same as the 2011 playoffs, with a few new additions and the loss of Raffi Torres, Christian Ehrhoff and Tanner Glass.

One of the additions was made on Tuesday, as the Canucks acquired Dale Weise from the New York Rangers. In order to make room for Weise on their permanent roster, the Canucks placed the underachieving Victor Oreskovich on waivers.

Oreskovich’s only highlight of the preseason was a late hit on star rookie Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, during Saturday’s final preseason game against Edmonton.

The players will also sport a small square with the late Rick Rypien’s jersey number on their helmets. Rypien succumbed to depression this summer, taking his own life in his Albertan home.

Prognosticators believe the Canucks will need at least a month of regular season action to get back to the superb level of hockey they were playing in the late stages of the 2010-2011 season.

The regular season begins on Thursday, with the Canucks hosting the Pittsburgh Penguins (minus ‘Sid the Kid’).

Luongo Will Need To Preform Like an Elite Goaltender

Let Them Eat… Nothing?

The new B.C. Place stadium, with its retractable roof, opened last Friday to mixed results. The Lions won, the roof stayed open, the field looked amazing, the JumboTron was breathtaking, but the concessions were atrocious.

With a $563-million-dollar overhaul, you would think some of the money would have been spent upgrading the vendors; the only visible improvement to the concessions was the addition of flat-screen televisions.

There were no new menu items or bar-like areas for casual drinking. The staff members working on Friday night were grossly unprepared for the crowds. The upper level vendors ran out of beer, snacks and ice before the end of the first quarter. And the lines were staggering, with many patrons waiting a whole quarter, just to be told the item they wanted was sold-out.

Unfed and thirsty fans left the stadium with only a bitter taste in their mouths.

The lesson: before you go improving the exterior, make sure you cover the basic needs, like feeding your cliental.

Fortunately, these are issues that the stadium can improve on without closing their doors. They will have to, if they want to keep both their soccer and their football fans happy.

If your financing comes up short, consider a business loan from Alpine Credits. With valuable home equity on your side, you can borrow the money you need at the moment you need it.

BC Place: Beautiful On the Outside

NFL Preview

With a bit of an off-season lockout scare, the NFL is back. Regular season play starts on Thursday with New Orleans taking on Green Bay.  But there are still questions surrounding the most profitable professional sports league.

The leading question: Will Peyton play? Without him, the colts are a juiced-up offense without a head. Like the chikcen, they may be able to run around the yard for a few games, but ultimately they will succumb to their condition and keel over in the dust.

Follow up questions: Will the Chargers be able to retain their offensive and defensive superiority? On offense, the Chargers seem to be leading towards a double threat with the running game. Head coach Norv Turner claims that carries will be divided between Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert. Look for outside linebacker Shaun Phillips to shine in the AFC West.

Final question: Will the new kickoff rule destroy the runback, one of the most exciting plays in the game. The preseason has seen a fifty per cent increase in touchbacks. Boring…

No matter. It’s still the greatest television sport in the world.

Bonus Question: Are those nachos ready?

Summer of Sadness

Another tragedy for the NHL last week, as Wade Belak took his own life in a Toronto apartment complex. This is the third unnatural death of a NHL player this summer. All three of the players that died were enforcers.

Belak had retired from playing at the professional level this spring. He had spent 15 seasons in the NHL and was intending to take up a new position as a TV analyst for the Nashville Predators, his final team in the NHL.

He had also been named as a cast member for CBC’s “Battle of the Blades.”

Like Rick Rypien and Derek Boogaard, the two other players who were lost this summer, Belak’s future looked promising. But somehow the pressure was too much for the once feared enforcer.

All three of the men who died were considered fighters on the ice, but were loved off the ice amongst their teammates. “He was always upbeat,” commented Nashville’s GM David Polie. “Everybody knew when Wade Belak was in the room because he was big, he was loud and he was fun.”

Belak was only 35 years old. He leaves a wife and two children behind.

Wade Belak (1976-2011)

Michael Vick’s New Contract

The terms of Michael Vick’s new contract with the Philadelphia Eagles was announced this week. Vick will be paid $100 million for six years of football. Of that 100 million, 40 is guaranteed.

Begin rant now:

$100 MILLION!!!

The man is a convicted felon. He bred dogs to kill each other and built an arena, IN HIS HOME, for them to battle to the death. He was tried, convicted and spent 18 months in jail. That’s more than a year behind bars. Since then, he has only played two seasons with Philly – and now they want to give him a $100 million!


First of all, the question should be asked: ‘Is any athlete worth that much?’ Really?

Secondly, what kind of message is this sending to the public? ‘You can do really bad things, but if you run and pass a pigskin like nobody’s business, all will be forgotten.’

Thirdly, a $100 million dollars from a city with some of the worst poverty levels in the United States. This is the same city that has imposed a curfew on youths less than 18 years of age. The city has actually threatened parents who let their teens out past midnight, after flash mobs were organized through social networking sites. Couldn’t that massive sum of money be spent on creating programs to curb the violent tendencies seen in the city’s younger generation? How many gyms could be opened with that money? How many afterschool programs could be funded? We will never know.

No, instead we get to watch a talented, but morally vacant young man run around every Sunday for the next six years.

Thank you Philadelphia.

Michael Vick

Celebrity Endorsement

The Chicago Blackhawks may have Vince Vaughn, but the Vancouver Canucks have Miss USA. She may not have sat at ice level during the playoffs, but Alyssa Campanella was cheering for Johnny Canuck with the passion of a Green Man from her home, south of the border.

It all started last October, when Campanella’s boyfriend, actor Torrance Coombs, took her to Rogers Arena to watch the Canucks take on the Colorado Avalanche. The game went to overtime and 28 seconds in, Mason Raymond scored to end the game with a 4-3 win.

Since that fateful night, Campanella has been hooked with the sport of hockey and specifically the brand played by the boys in blue and green.

“I was filled with adrenaline from how fast everything was,” Campanella said. “But what I loved most was the crowd because Vancouverites are so into their team.”

She tweeted all throughout the 2011 playoffs; so much that interviewers began to question her American loyalty.

“I’m pretty sure Californians feel a little bit of betrayal, but I have to say, I was a Vancouver fan before I even won Miss California USA, so it’s not like it’s anything personal, I just fell in love with the Canucks and now I’m loyal to them.”

Hopefully the Aquilini’s will find her a free pair of tickets close to the ice for next season.

Alyssa Campanella

Crosby Questionable

What’s worse than a lockout? Losing one of the only ‘rock stars’ in your league.

The NHL needs to come to grips with the fact that Sidney Crosby may never play pro hockey again. Crosby has not played since January 5th, 2011, when he was hit from behind by Lightening defenseman, Victor Hedman. His absence from the league has been noticeable.

The Penguins star has been training in the off-season, but there are no official reports that he has been cleared to play with contact.

Ray Shero, Pittsburgh’s General Manager, says an assessment will be done of Crosby’s health a week before training camp.

Many believe that Crosby will never be the same player he once was. This is unfortunate for the player and the NHL. The league desperately needs stars to ignite smaller markets, whose attendance has been suffering.

The nature of Crosby’s injury is also damaging to the league. The NHL has been trying to minimize headshots for years, but it seems more and more players are succumbing to the affects of head injurys.

Dr. Michael Cusimano, of the Injury Prevention Centre, estimates that fifteen to twenty thousand young hockey players will suffer concussion-like syndromes next season.

Something needs to be done if the sport wants to promote itself as a safe activity for young people.

Sid the Kid

Local Boys Return the Heat

It must be something in the water.

For the eighth year in a row, B.C. has dominated the Canadian Little League Championships. This year it was a talented squad from Langley that went on to defeat Quebec for the title.

Now the boys from B.C. are playing on the national stage at Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Langley’s first game of the series was against Dhahran of Saudi Arabia. After a collapse in the third inning, which saw five runs scored against, Langley mounted a strong comeback.

Tied at five in the sixth and final inning, a wild pitch helped Colby Ring score to defeat Dhahran.

The boys now move on to the winning circle.

Dhahran was representing Middle East / Africa. It was Dhahran’s twelfth straight year playing in the tournament. Ironically, most of the players on the squad are of American descent. Most of their families are stationed in Dhahran to work in the oil industry.

No Canadian team has ever won the tournament. Let’s make it a first boys! Stay hydrated!

The Boys of Summer

Warrior Down

This was a sad week for Vancouver Canuck fans, as one of their devoted warriors passed away suddenly at the young age of 27. Rick Rypien dressed for the Canucks for the last six seasons. Over the summer, the remade Winnipeg Jets acquired his rights. On Monday, August 15th, he was found dead in his home in Alberta.

Rypien was never drafted by a NHL franchise. He was forced to prove his worth in the minors, eventually being picked up by the Manitoba Moose. After only one year in Manitoba, Rypien was given an NHL contract by the Vancouver Canucks.

Plagued with minor injuries, Rypien bounced between the two organizations for six years. Out of a possible 492 games, Rypien played only 119 for Vancouver.

During those games Rypien became a fan favourite. At 5’11″, Rypien was seen as a smaller agitator. But it was his unwillingness to back down from any competitor that won the respect of the Vancouver fans. His bout against Hal Gill was legendary. Gill was almost a foot taller, with a much longer reach, but Rypien held his own and managed to get in a few strong uppercuts. Neither of the combatants went down. But the fight proved the young players toughness. Fights like this landed him the nickname ‘the pitbull.’

But his consistent injuries started to take their toll.

Unconfirmed reports claim that Rypien had been suffering with depression for the last ten years. Two extended personal leaves of absence from the Canuck organization substantiate this. Both times, Canuck personal would not comment on the nature of the leave. Mike Gillis supported the young winger

His funeral will be held on Saturday in an arena in Blairmore, Alberta.

Finally at Peace - Rick Rypien

Vancouver Canucks: New Faces

After a seventeen-year hiatus, the Vancouver Canucks finally made it back to the Stanley Cup Finals. Their third visit provided the same result as the first two: a disappointing second place. But it was sign of promising things to come.

Going into the 2011-2012 season, the Canucks have kept the majority of their core group together. Gone are Raffi Torres, Tanner Glass and Christian Ehrhoff. Apart from Ehrhoff’s offensive production and Torres’ toughness, the Canucks are looking relatively unscathed.

They have also signed a number of new faces. The following is a list of players who will be fighting for a spot on the permanent roster come October.

The Veteran

Marco Sturm – Sturm is a thirty-two-year-old winger from Germany who spent his early NHL career playing for the San Jose Sharks. He was traded to the Bruins in 2005 and stayed there until he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings in 2010. Last February he was placed on waivers by the Kings and picked up by the Washington Capitals, who he scored one goal for in the playoffs. Sturm has had problems with his knees, resulting in two major surgeries. Sturm’s contract is for one year and will pay him $2.25 million.

The Replacement

Alexander Sulzer – Sulzer hopes to step into the skates of his fellow countryman, Christian Ehrhoff, picking up where Ehrhoff left off on the defensive line. Vancouver sports fans may recognize Sulzer from his appearance at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Sulzer failed to re-sign with the Florida Panthers and was picked up by the Canucks.

The Bloody Knuckled Ivy Leaguer

Byron Bitz – Originally from Saskatoon, Bitz attended Cornell University, where he played four years for the Big Red. In his final season he was honoured with an induction into the Quill and Dagger society (apparently this is kind of a big deal). He signed with Boston and played his first NHL game on January 10, 2009. His passion and fists made him a fan favourite in Boston. The following year he was traded to the Florida Panthers, where he suffered a number of debilitating injuries. The Canucks hope the worst of his physical troubles are behind him.

Byron Bitz

Whitecaps Fail to Crest

In their inaugural year, the Whitecaps have only two wins. Not the greatest start for a club that is trying desperately to ignite the Vancouver sports audience. But in a bold move, the Whitecaps have announced the hiring of their third coach. For those doing the math at home, that’s one more coach than wins.

The club has chosen Scottish born, Martin Rennie to replace Tommy Soehn at the end of the season. Soehn replaced Teitur Thordarson on May 30th. Soehn will move upstairs to continue his role as director of Soccer Operations. The announcement was made on Tuesday by Whitecaps CEO Paul Barber.

The 2012 season will see Rennie take control of the club’s on-field play. Rennie is currently coaching the Carolina RailHawks, who presently hold a 14-2-3 record in the second division.

From his first day behind the bench, Soehn was seen as an interim coach, so many fans and Whitecap personal were not surprised by the move.

Acquiring Rennie, halfway through the season was a tactical decision, as the Montreal Impact and Chicago Fire were already scouting his services.

Martin Rennie Will Take The Reigns

Lion King

Wally Buono may have the most wins of any CFL coach in the league’s history, but he also has the most losses. With only one win this season, the latter number is growing and so is the call for Buono’s firing.

In his nine years as B.C.’s head coach, he has taken the Leos to the Grey Cup twice; winning in 2006. Of the eight completed seasons, six were successful, finishing with a record above .500.

This year the Lions look more like board housecats than savannah predators and many in this town are pointing the blame at Buono.

But there are still no signs from management that owner David Braley has any intention of sacking the senior Lion – at least not until the end of season.

If the Lions pull off a BC miracle and are able to bring their club back to life, Buono’s job will be safe for another year. If the wins are countable on a single hand come November, then chances are the Lion King will have to be replaced.

It's Nail Biting Time

Insurance Premiums

Insurance can be a killer when it comes to budgeting, especially for a small business. When your quote finally arrives from your broker, don’t panic, there are ways to pay your annual premium upfront without dealing with the banks.

The last item on your tally list of expenditures is often insurance. Unfortunately, it can also be the x-factor that breaks the bank. With so many variables it is hard to gauge how much your annual bill will cost.

With high-risk businesses, insurance can be easily over $10,000. It is a cost that must be paid, before formal operations begin. Investors need to know you will be covered in the unfortunate event of a lawsuit.

A credit loan from Alpine Credits can help you pay the heavy cost of insuring your business. All you need is home equity in order to be approved. This will alleviate you returning to the banks for yet another high-interest loan.

It will take you less than five minutes to apply and in most cases you will know the very next day.

So don’t fret. Your doors will open on time.

Visit our website today for more details

The Cost of Insurance

Power of Women Tour

This Friday, Vancouver welcomes the Power of Women tour to the Rogers Arena. The headlining speaker will be Ellen DeGeneres, who is currently taking time off from her award winning daytime talk show “Ellen.”

DeGeneres will be discussing her career choices, her growing media empire and her charity work, which has raised over 10 million dollars for families affected by Hurricane Katrina. Alongside her message of inspiration and empowerment, will be her comedy that provides daily laughs to millions around the world.

Joining DeGeneres on stage will be Suzanne Somers, author, business promoter and star of the classic sitcom “Threes Company.” Marlee Matlin, Academy Award winner and recent Celebrity Apprentice star will also speak at the event.

The promoters of the event hope that the collaboration of speakers will provide a forum to educate, entertain and inspire women. The goal of the event is to create meaningful and positive change through discussion.

The event will begin at 9 am and will end around 5 pm.

Our guess is DeGeneres will either give the keynote speech or will close out the line-up in the afternoon.

Oprah's Successor

Belated Honeymoon

The wedding was a whirlwind affair that left you with memories for a lifetime. There were hick-ups: Aunt Rosie falling off the dance stage was probably the most epic. There were tears: your father’s speech about the time you finally confessed your love for your partner. And there were bills, so many bills.

One year later, you are finally out of the red. To celebrate your anniversary you had planned to take your love to the Hawaiian Islands. You found an all-inclusive resort where you could spend a week being pampered. Ideal, but yet another bill.

After weeks of deliberation you finally decided it was worth the price. You went to the banks first and they declined your request for a loan. You asked your parents, but they were just starting to make payments on their kitchen renovations. You asked your brother, but he only laughed.

Then you remembered a tweet from last week about a credit loan company called Alpine Credits. Perfect.

You applied and were accepted almost immediately. All they needed was to know you owned a home.

Tomorrow you plan to surprise your partner with the tickets. The only problem is how to top it next year.

Honeymoon on the Beach

A New Addition

In the past five years you’ve paid for a marriage, a down payment on your home and a new (used) Subaru. As a result, your finances have been a little tight.

With a new addition to your family only months away, you considered renovating the spare room for the new baby. After making a budget, you found that the work would cost a few thousand more than you could afford. With your credit maxed, you considered alternative financing. A friend suggested Alpine Credits. All you needed for security was the equity in your home. It seemed almost too easy. But after meeting with a loan specialist, you discovered that a home equity loan was the best option available.

With the money you received you were able to repaint, remold and reanimate the room that once served as a storage space. The remaining cash helped pay for a Vancouver plumber to add a shower to the basement bathroom.

That was fourteen months ago. Now with the baby finally sleeping in his new room, you are able to finally get some rest. With a substantial chunk of your loan paid for, you’ve never slept better.

"Shhh... The baby is sleeping."

Credit Lifeline

Why might you need a credit loan?

There are times in life when all your bills arrive at once; your car needs a new engine, your daughter needs braces and your fridge packs it in; the ‘perfect storm of debt.’ When these moments arise, it helps to know where to turn.

A credit loan from Alpine Credits uses your home as equity so you can receive instant capital to pay for the unexpected. It’s like a lifeline, so you don’t have to decide between fixing your daughter’s teeth and having milk for your cereal. Afford to pay all of your bills, when you apply for a loan from Alpine Credits.

A credit loan application takes less than five minutes to fill out and Alpine Credits will notify you of your acceptance within 24 hours.

If you need money fast and your credit cards can’t handle the load, call Alpine Credits. Unlike the banks, we won’t discriminate. Age, job, credit history – these factors are secondary. All you need for your loan is an existing mortgage.

Call today. Fill out an application. Receive a quote. Get your car running.

Look At That Smile

Career Women

Balancing family and career will always be a test for any parent, but women are often asked to take on more of the burden at home then their spouses. This can be taxing on their career and their personal lives. Finding guidance can be as easy as listening to the empowering words of successful female professionals.

In a recent issue of “Women’s Day,” ten career women offered inspirational advice on what they considered the keys to their success in the professional world. Here are some of the highlights of the article:

Jan Marini

“Always compete with yourself, not the competition. If you’re constantly using other people as the yardstick to measure your success, you’re not putting your energy and passion where it belongs. You’re the only person who can determine how successful you will be.”

Sepi Asefnia

“If you are not a whole person-a happy and content person-then your career does not matter. Respect your personal life; take time for it and don’t feel that you are detracting from your efforts at work by doing so. The more joy you have in your private life, the better your performance will be at work.”

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann

“My best advice is, don’t forget about “me” time. Schedule a window of time for yourself, like and other appointment, if you have to. In the end, taking personal time will make you more productive at work.”

Lori Greiner

“My biggest career hurdle was getting my products into retail. It’s very difficult for a little company with just one product to get into mass retail. But if your product is good, people will recognize this and see its merits. Be passionate and find creative ways to get your product in front of the decision makers. And don’t give up-I must have called 100 times to get hold of some buyers before I finally reached them.”

Smart Advice

Dampened Spirits

Purchase orders, marketing and staffing are all facets of small business that are controllable. One area that cannot be controlled is the weather. If your business is weather dependent and situated on the west coast, you may be feeling a slight dip in profits.

This summer has seen some of the coldest temperatures for June and July. With the daily threat of rain, tourism industries around the province of British Columbia are seeing their numbers drop as the dark clouds cast a shadow on outdoor activities.

In the orchards, crops are being affected by the lack of sun. Exterior Painters have to reschedule. Even summer camps have to move things indoors.

If your business is on the list of affected companies, you may be looking for extra capital to help pay your costs. A credit loan can stabilize the effects of Mother Nature’s moody glare. Don’t let your company’s progress be dampened by the rain. Keep your trusted staff, pay your suppliers and build for next year.

Alpine Credits can have you approved for a home equity loan the very next day. Talk to one of our advisors about your options.

Soaking Wet Summer

It May Be Time…

If your bills on your desk are so heavily packed you don’t need a paperweight, it may be time to consolidate your debt.

If you wake up each morning and run to the window to see if your car is still in your driveway, it may be time to consolidate your debt.

If you have cards with each of the three big credit companies, it may be time to consolidate your debt.

If your friends and family won’t pick up their phones when you call, it may be time to consolidate your debt.

If you have to unplug your phone before bed, it may be time to consolidate your debt.

If you feel burdened by student loans, car payments and or credit statements, it may be time to consolidate your debt.

Alpine Credits would like to help. A home equity loan can be used to pay off all your creditors at once. If you own a home, you qualify. With your creditors paid, the only bill you will receive is the one for your loan payment.

Five, ten, thirteen separate bills could be reduced to one single payment. No more stress about phone calls.  No more ridiculously high interest rates. No more complicated accounting measures. You will have one bill to deal with.

Simplify. Apply for a home equity loan and consolidate your debt today.

Still There...

Commandeering Your Credit

Credit can be a tricky thing. It’s easy to start a credit rating, but it can be hard sometimes keeping it squeaky clean.

If you have had a credit card from the time you were twenty, chances are you’ve gone through a few rough spots when you weren’t able to make payments. Maybe you lost your job and were without work for months. Or you may have had a family emergency pop up. There can be any number of things happen that lead to a missed payment.

Sadly, those little slips can stay with you for quite awhile.

For those of us with poor or bad credit, there are answers.

Alpine Credits can help people with a damaged credit rating receive the money they need. The only requirement is that you own a home.

If you are paying into an existing mortgage, you are eligible for a home equity loan from Alpine Credits. Fill out a simple three-minute application form and receive your approval notice the very next day.

A credit line with Alpine Credits is literally one simple tap of the mouse away.

Click Here to receive the funds you need.

Retirement Package

After working thirty-five years at the same company, Charlie Beech finally decided to retire. To celebrate the occasion, he planned to take his wife and youngest child to Europe for a three-week tour of the continent. Three months before the trip, Charlie reassessed the costs and found his finances were $4,000 short.

He went to the bank to apply for a loan, but was denied because of his lack of incoming capital. Charlie tried another financial institution… same answer.

Disheartened he thought about cancelling the trip, with the hopes of recouping some of the money he had already put down as a deposit.

Then an old friend from work told him about Alpine Credits, a financial institution that allowed retirees to borrow money. The friend told Charlie that all he needed was a home to put up as equity.

Not a problem. Charlie had been living in his home in East Vancouver for the last twenty-two years. He still had a small amount left on his initial mortgage, but the majority was paid for.

After applying on a Monday, Charlie had the funds he needed by Thursday. He finished paying for all the hotel bookings and the rail passes the following week.

European Vacation: Charles Bridge, Prague

Last Saturday we got a call from Charlie. He was in Prague. He thanked us for the help and said there was a postcard in the mail. Maybe we’ll get it sometime in August.

Canadian Line of Credit

Our parents have always been there to assist us financially. From our weekly allowance, to our college education, their support has carried us through life. But we can’t expect their help for every financial speed bump. When the day arrives that you need a loan, contact  Alpine Credits first.

Alpine Credits specializes in helping people afford the random expenditures that pop up in our everyday lives. From dental work, to house repairs to a flight back home to see your original bankers (your parents) – Alpine Credits can help.

The Original Line of Credit

With an easy application process, Alpine Credits can inform you of your loan status within days of receiving your paperwork. In most cases, the money you request will be in your bank account the same week you apply.

If you are currently paying into an existing mortgage, your application will undoubtedly be approved. Don’t waste time with the banks. Go straight to the one company that specializes in helping Canadians receive a line of credit. Contact Alpine Credits today.

Why Move?

You’ve had the same friends your entire life. You played street hockey together, went to the same schools, hung out at your parent’s house, right up until the present day. You know every skate park, every clothing store and all the best places to eat. It’s your neighbourhood. Your community. And the place you call home.

With jobs being scarce and the recession in full swing, it’s pretty common now for kids to live with their parents right into their mid-20s. With housing prices so crazy in Vancouver, it makes sense. Why spend family money on rent when you could be keeping it close to home. Some families are converting basements into basement suites for their kids. Others are moving on to retire in the Sunshine Coast or down south, leaving the property to their kids.

There’s been a huge spike in property value in Vancouver. So it’s a good problem to have. You could sell your place, and move, with a big chunk of cash. But then you’d have to lose your community and all of those friendships you’ve spent a lifetime building. Another option is a home equity loan. You can take the money in your home and still keep the house, your friends and your neighbourhood.

Alpine Mortgage is now Alpine Credits

For all of you in Alberta, Alpine Mortgage has always been synonymous with the iconic jingle: “Making your home equity work for you… Alpine Mortgage.”

For those in BC, that it has been Alpine Credits. Same organization, same owners, just different names for legal reasons.

However, now we’ve decided to bring everything in (or consolidate if you will) under the same umbrella – Alpine Credits.

So for those of you in Edmonton, Calgary (where the Alpine Mortgage head offices are), rest assured that you will still be getting the same dedicated lending agents and help as you always have, just the name has changed, not our common sense approach to lending.

For over 40 years, Alpine Credits has been Western Canadians get the money they need, no matter what their age, credit or income. If you own a home, Alpine Credits will get you the money you need, often within a week.

To find out more about this new (old) company called Alpine Credits, please click this link, or feel free to call us today at (780) 486-2161 – Edmonton, or (403) 236-5926 in Calgary.

Braces or a Pony?

A good friend of ours told us a story about his younger sister that we thought might be appropriately to share.

The young lady was nine when her parents came to her with a question. They asked the young girl to make a choice that would affect her for the rest of her life. They gave their daughter the option of choosing between orthodontist work and a pony. The girl was nine…

The pony would live for another eight years, five years past the time she outgrew it. Her teeth remain crooked to this day.

If your child needs dental work, don’t give them the choice between a ghastly overbite and a horse. Pay for the orthodontist.

Low on funds? A second mortgage will help cover the bill.

It may seem like a fairly large investment, just to take care of a few chompers but believe us, your child will thank you. Maybe not when she’s nine or fourteen or even twenty, but there will come a day when she will look you straight in the eye and offer her full appreciation.

Till then, don’t even mention the pony.

Pony Rides Aren't Free

Graduation Gift

Your son has spent four and a half years at UBC earning his Bachelor of Science Degree. His marks were exceptional, he made top boat on the varsity rowing team and he paid his own tuition from the money he made as a forest firefighter during the summer.

As parents, you are bursting with pride. At his Graduation ceremony, a quick glance at your husband revealed a small tear on your hubby’s cheek. This is the boy who barely made it through Math 10 and now he is graduating with honours.

So how do you reward the son who has done so much to impress you?

You could buy him a car with the little money you’ve saved over the years, but it would have to be used and under five thousand.

You could buy him a trip to extend his education, but how educational would a trip to Regina be?

A friend of the family suggested paying for a down payment on a house. This would keep him in Vancouver and give him a startup investment. But after looking at the Vancouver real estate market, there weren’t too many options that didn’t involve an ex-growop residence or a leaky roof.

The solution to your problem is Alpine Credits. Alpine Credits can lend you the money you need to properly congratulate the young graduate. With a home equity loan, you can borrow against the equity you have acquired by paying into your current mortgage.

You haven’t been a slouch over the past ten years either. Your mortgage payments have put a considerable dent in your debt. Now you have a chance to use that good credit to help out a young man who is well deserving of your praise.

Contact Alpine Credits today and prepare the proper gift for your son.

The Graduate

Father of the Bride

The most expensive party you will ever host will be held on the day your daughter gets married. The bill, that traditionally gets handed to the father of the bride, contains all those special items that your little girl requested to fulfill her image of the perfect ceremony.

Your daughter has been dreaming of this day since she was old enough to have her first crush. Making it magical is not your responsibility, but paying for it is. There will be bridesmaids a plenty for helping with the decorations, a wedding planner for organization and a father of the groom to drink a few scotches with. All you need to do is sign.

If your daughter’s expectations exceeds your means, there are avenues you can utilize to pay for everything from the cake to the tiny, overly-cute, placemat bridal favours.

Alpine Credits specializes in providing quick loans to Canadians in need. By using your home as equity, you can borrow the money you need to cover the costs of your daughter’s wedding.

The last thing you want to worry about during the celebration is your credit limit. With a home equity loan, you can relax and enjoy the moment with your daughter as she commits to the second most important man in her life.

One Last Dance

Spending To The Cap

Mike Gillis: Big Spender

The only way to improve on what you have is to make full use of the resources at your disposal.

The Vancouver Canucks know this, as they spent to the cap this season to create the most deeply stacked team in the NHL.

With blueline injuries all year, the Canucks were able to pull from their own organization and bring up talented defensemen to take the place of the injured Alexander Edler, Sami Salo, Dan Hamhuis and Keith Ballard.

On the forward lines, they were able to spend at the trade deadline and pickup Chris Higgins and Maxim Lapierre, two players whose intensity has definitely been felt in the playoffs.

Mike Gillis’s spending shows he believes this is our year. In the words of the mighty poet, Eminem: “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow / This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo!”

Feel like the time is right to make a push in your own life? Alpine Credits can help you finance your dreams. A home equity loan can supply with you the funds you need to spend to the cap.

Watch your team rise with an investment loan from Alpine Credits.

Celebrity Credit

When David Beckham loses his credit card, who do you think handles his credit issues? Well we can’t give you a name, but we can guarantee it’s not the same individual that handles your credit rating.

The fact is, credit rating bureaus have a different set of rules for dealing with disputes for celebrities and the well-connected. These individuals are given special treatment because their accounts are apparently more important than the average user. Their preferential treatment includes a thorough check by a domestic credit worker.

Sadly, for the rest of us, a foreign subcontractor almost always handles our disputes. This person provides an average of two minutes of time to review each individual case. With the advancement of online buying and an increase in identity theft, this review time could be further reduced as the volume of disputes increases.

This is the reality of the credit rating system.

But fear not. There are still Canadian loan companies that offer personalized service to Canadians. Alpine Credits is one of these companies.

If you have had credit problems in the past and are looking for alternative methods of finance, consider the option of a second mortgage. The money will be transferred to you securely and without the interjection of the credit rating process.

We offer no preferential treatment. We treat all our clients with the same respect.

Call today to inquire about a second mortgage and cut the credit companies out of the equation.

Yeah, We Know Why You're Smiling...


If you are looking for new and creative ways to promote your business, try looking to the skies.

Last week Claritin, paid a skywriter to post the phrase, “LIVE CLARITIN CLEAR TODAY,” in the skyline above Toronto.

The project took five airplanes to write and cost the allergy company $5,500.

The exposure was priceless. Within seconds of finishing, hundreds of viewers had photographed the text, posted it to their Facebook walls and tweeted about it from their smartphones.

The Metro Newspaper published this sampling of the tweets that went out immediately after.

Besides the social media aspect, thousands of office workers, drivers and pedestrians saw the message first hand. You could never find better exposure!

If your business is looking for new promotional ideas, don’t let budget factors limit your potential. With a home equity loan, you can afford to hire creative minds to come up with new and engaging ways of advertising your product.

Put the name of your company in the mind of the consumer. Invest in new marketing techniques and reap the results.

The Sky is Your Medium

One Red Paperclip

It took Kyle MacDonald fourteen trades to go from a single red paperclip to a two-storey home in Saskatchewan.

If you haven’t heard the story, MacDonald was a entrepreneur who posted a request on his blog and the online bartering site, Craigslist, to trade one red paperclip for something interesting of value. On his blog, MacDonald explained that he was intending to trade-up from his paperclip, with the intent of securing a home. He gave himself one year to make the move from desktop staple to four-walled residence.  He did it with nine days to spare and more exposure then he could ever imagine. His idea would also eventually land him a book deal.

Quite the trip.

Now just imagine if he started with a home.

A home equity loan is like that red paperclip. It allows you to use what you have to improve your life and build a future. The possibilities, like that paperclip trading, are endless.

You could use the money to buy some consumer goods to enjoy with your family or you could use the funds to build an investment. You could watch that investment grow and then cash it in to purchase a more profitable venture. Building continuously, that simple home equity loan could have you at millionaire status in less than a year.

Trade-up, invest in your future, be pro-active and start with the simple idea of improving your life with a home equity loan.


Faking It

Vancouver businesses are being warmed about a fake Fire Marshall who is running a con scheme around the city. The suspect is targeting businesses in Vancouver’s West End and taking advantage of employees who may not request proper identification.

The scam involves the suspect entering a business and asking to see the store’s fire extinguishers. He claims to be a licensed Marshall who is checking the expiry dates. After viewing the extinguishers, the suspect then tells the staff he either needs to issue new expiration tags or needs to take the extinguishers to his vehicle for further inspection. In the former case he charges the business for replacement tags. In the event of the latter, he usually does not return at all, possibly selling the pricy fire retardant devices to other businesses.

The suspect has been operating this scam for a number of years, but has yet to be caught.

In a recent incident, the suspect was left alone in the back of a business. He proceeded to help himself to a number of items, before leaving through a back entrance.

If you own a retail business in the Vancouver area, it is definitely worth your time to educate your employees about this scam before your business is added to the list of victimized stores.

Sunshine Coast Real Estate

A summerhouse on the Sunshine Coast is not out of your reach.

The Sunshine Coast is the best kept real estate secret in British Columbia. With large, multileveled homes at well under a million dollars, you can take your family away for weeks at a time to a residence with all the amenities you have in the city.

With amazing views of the mountains and ocean, you can unwind on your deck or out on the water. You can spend your days exploring the vast network of trails by foot or on your double suspension mountain bike. Golf, kayak, fish, the possibilities are endless.

Now to the financial part. If you are unwilling to take on the whole cost of a new vacation home, consider splitting the price and time between friends or family members.

Three-way splits are quite common, where three groups of investors choose one piece of property to share. Two investors can use the property as a getaway destination and the third might decide to sell his time to potential renters. Working out these details beforehand is paramount. You will also need to agree upon terms for a possible buyout. The more you flesh out the contractual terms, the better your relationship will be with other owners.

Still coming up short? Consider a Vancouver second mortgage with Alpine Credits. Even if your credit is poor, if you currently own a home in the Lower Mainland, Alpine Credits will give you the funds you need to purchase your share of a second property.

Call us: 1-800-NEWLOAN

Beautiful Homes at Reasonable Prices

Patron of the Arts

With another Conservative Government newly reelected, nationally funded arts programs will once again see drastic cuts to government spending.

Harper’s Conservatives believe that ‘ordinary folks don’t care about the arts’. They are convinced that Canadians are better off seeing their tax money spent in other sectors.

This is a sad reality for emerging Canadian artists.

With government funding greatly reduced, artists will have to look for other financing options.

If you find yourself in this predicament and are unable to raise the capital needed for your creative endeavors, you may want to consider a home equity loan. The equity that you have created by paying into your initial mortgage can be borrowed against to finance your artistic projects.

Receive a loan with Alpine Credits and you will be able to afford the basic production costs of your short film. You can pay for training at Emily Carr. You can buy studio time and the resources required to shoot a video. You can pay for your tools, you medium and your education.

Call Alpine Credits today and start production tomorrow.

Emily Carr

Finishing the Basement

You secured a mortgage five years ago to afford your starter home. When you moved in you immediately realized the basement would need a total overhaul. Five years later you still are missing the funds to complete the project.

Solution: A second mortgage from Alpine Credits.

With a second mortgage you can afford to rip up that terrible white shag carpet and replace it with a fall teak engineered floor. You can remove that awful floral wallpaper and paint the room in a softer eggshell pastel. The doorways can be replaced and properly fitted. Your windows can be weather sealed and you can finally add some proper lightening fixtures.

You’ll need to furnish it with a trip to IKEA and some couches from The Brick.

Then the cherry…

In the back southeast corner you can finally reconstruct your beloved pool table; with a new felt top of course.

All of this paid upfront with the money from your second mortgage.

Apply today at Alpine Credits. It’s time you finished your home.

The Finishing Touch

Real Estate Increases in the Lower Mainland

Everything is looking up these days for Vancouverites. The weather is getting warmer, the ski hills are still covered in snow and the Canucks are through to the second round. But the biggest reason for Vancouverites to be thankful, especially if you are a homeowner, is property values are up as high as 17.14%.

Area Assessor Jason Grant estimates that the average Vancouver home will see increases between 10 and 20%.

This graph shows the changes in specific districts in the Lower Mainland:

Even if you are not planning on selling in the near future, home assessment increases can still improve your present financial situation.

‘How?’ you ask.

By applying for a home equity loan, you can borrow money based on the amount left in your mortgage and the current assessed value of your home. When values increase, you can borrow more money.

That’s more money for you to spend on home renovations, your business and or your children’s future.

Vancouver’s most trusted home equity loan specialists are Alpine Credits. Talk to them today about using your home’s increased value to your benefit.

Upgrade Your Business

What can a Vancouver home equity loan do for your business?

Here are five ideas that could move your business venture past your competition:

1. Upgrade Your Fleet

-Many local businesses use vehicles for transporting their goods or moving customers. Vehicles depreciate quicker than any other asset. Keeping your business on top means investing in your four wheeled commitments. Brand them with your logo and create a mobile advertising cavalry brigade.

2. Go Local

-Using overseas merchandise may seem like a cost effective way to operate, but the reality is the products are often of a lesser quality. Buying local products comes at a price, but your business will ultimately be better off.

3. Centralized Data

-Investing in a computerized data system can help your business set key performance indicators. The more data you collect, the easier it is to determine which areas of your business need improvement.

4. Advertising

-You can have the most amazing display counters ever created, but if you don’t have customers in your store, they will remain fully stocked for months. Creating word of mouth is priceless. A good advertising firm can get you on the lips of your target audience.

5. Hire Quality Staff

-There are individuals out there who are worth the outrageous incomes they demand. Never be satisfied. Always be on the watch for the perfect employee.

Crack Shack or Mansion?

Facebook has many faults. It is a huge time waster, gossip facilitator and a stalkers dream come true. But it also serves many important purposes these days. It connects us with friends and family, promotes charities and businesses and of course, it allows to share hilarious viral videos and web creations.

This week our web team came across a link on Facebook that had us in hysterics: “Crack Shack or Mansion?” It is a simple web game that asks viewers to make educated guesses about photos of different properties around Vancouver. The viewer is shown a picture of a house and asked to pick between ‘crack house’ or ‘mansion’?

The idea behind the site is that even the most dilapidated Vancouver home is worth millions. The stucco may be coming loose, the front stairs may be falling apart and the foundation may be slipping, but if it has four walls and a 604 area code, chances are it will sell for at least $1,000,000.

If you haven’t had your house appraised recently, maybe it’s time to see what it’s really worth. You could be taking advantage of your home’s value by securing a second mortgage with Alpine Credits. Find out more at

Gulf Island Getaway

This summer don’t spend your vacation weeks sitting around the house. Plan to spend your time-off at your new cottage on the Gulf Islands.

The beaches, the Arbutus trees, the small wineries, the laid back lifestyle that every city dweller longs for, it can all be found on the beautiful islands nestled between the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

Acreage, timeshares, lakeside properties, oceanfront – the choice is yours.

A townhouse on beautiful Pender Island, nestled in Poet’s Cove, costs as little as $129,000. Enjoy all the amenities of Poet’s Cove Resort, with your own private condo.

If you do require a little help putting together the necessary capital needed for a down payment, we can assist you. Alpine Credits is in the business of financing the dreams of others. With a home equity loan, you can afford the cottage of your dreams. Enjoy your Gulf Island getaway all summer; spend your winter holidays curled up by the fire and pass on your investment to your children.

The Ocean At Your Door!

Blackhawk Down

The Vancouver Canucks will face the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round of the 2011 NHL playoffs. Chicago has eliminated Vancouver from post-season play in both the 2009 and 2010 playoffs. This year Vancouver is looking for redemption!

Coming off an incredible regular season that saw Vancouver win the Presidents’ Trophy, the Canucks believe that their new squad is vastly more equipped to handle the mighty Blackhawks. With Alexander Edler, Dan Hamhuis and Mikael Samuelsson returning, the Canucks are almost at full strength. They are still missing Raffi Torres, due to suspension and their go-to face-off specialist Manny Malhotra, to a permanent eye injury.

But if the Vegas odds are to be believed, the Canucks are highly favoured to finally exorcise their playoff demons. This may be the year the Stanley Cup lands in the Pacific Northwest.

Canuck fans should thank the stars for Gillis’ off-season and trade deadline pick-ups. They’ve taken a good team and made it the best team. Good luck Chicago.

If you are looking to invest in your franchise, let Alpine Credits bring you right up to the cap limit. Apply online and finance your own redemption plan!


Selling Tips

You’re looking to sell your house and pay back your mortgage? Is your realtor too busy with more expensive homes to give your modest dwelling the attention it needs? Don’t fret; Alpine Credits has a few tips to sweeten the deal.

Here are 5 easy ways to improve your home for a quick and lucrative sale:

1. Improve the look of your home from the curbside.

Take time to focus your energy on vamping up the view of your home from the street. Your potential buyers will arrive, almost assuredly, by car. Their first view of your home will be from the window of their automobile.

How do you improve this frame? Start with simple landscaping. Have the grass mowed, trim back your bushes and plant some seasonal flowers. Do it tastefully. Then look up. Has that roof been replaced in the last five years? You may want to spend the cash to have it redone.

2. Remove the clutter inside

The less furniture the better. You might love your couch, but John and Mary are thinking about the one they just bought at the Brick and how it might fit in the room.

3. Don’t forget the windows

While your open house guests are inside, they may spend a significant amount of time looking out at the rest of the property. Windex every window so they can see every detail of your yard.

4.  A new coat of paint does wonders

Don’t go all out on crazy colours, but a pick a few basic tones and go over your walls. Even a new coat of off-white will improve the look of your home.

5. Spend the money to improve the fixed appliances

Make sure all your appliances and wiring are up to code. You want a potential buyer to feel like they could move in as soon as the sale is made.

Need help financing these projects? Alpine Credits, the leading lender in Western Canada for home equity loans, can help. Visit our website today.

Stop Paying High Interest Charges – Consolidate!

What are you paying on interest each month from the array of credit cards you hold? Don’t answer that question. We can tell by your facial expression, it’s significantly more than you should be paying.

But without declaring bankruptcy, what options do you have to free yourself from these unnecessary payments?

We can answer that! Consolidate your debt.

The next question is, ‘well how do I find a lender who is willing to pay off my bills when my credit record is ghastly?’ Simple. You apply with Alpine Credits for a home equity loan. This loan will let you pay off your creditors all at once. Your only payment after that will be to the agreed repayment plan. One interest rate, at a level lower than what your credit card companies are charging. It makes complete sense.

Don’t line Visa’s pockets with huge interest payments that make it impossible to pay off the principal. Eliminate your credit card debt in one swipe. Apply for a home equity loan and reduce your creditors to one.

It seems so simple, but it’s actually that easy.

Do the math and then call us back. We would love to see your interest payments fall away!

Punch The Numbers

Spring Election

On May 2nd, Canada will go to the polls to decide if the Conservatives will stay in power. The alternative could be be a coalition government led by a Liberal majority.

In the business community, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are favoured. Their Economic Action Plan successfully rejuvenated the Canadian economy and helped us push past one of the worst recessions in our country’s history. Their plan to alleviate the deficit by 2015 is popular among companies who rely on a strong Canadian market to negotiate and follow through on global business deals.

With few promises to spend money, the Conservatives have maintained their course. Heading in completely the opposite direction, the NDP and Liberal parties are both planning to increase government spending in order to fund social projects. The Liberals are promoting their Family Care Package and the NDP are promising to revitalize the healthcare system through the increased hiring of trained professionals. Both of these plans would benefit the average Canadian family, but would they bolster our economy? That remains to be seen.

Your financial well being is basically in your hands, With a credit loan from Alpine Credits, you can choose to augment any proposed political plan. You can use part of your capital to pay off high interest creditors and use the rest of the loan to invest in your home—the investment your family will have for years to come.

Politics can be tricky, but a home equity loan is smart business. Apply today and start moving down the right path towards a financially sound future.

Stephen Harper's Aggressive Plan to Cut Our Debt

Backyard Barbeque

It may be raining today, but we’ve definitely seen some signs that spring has come to the Northwest. The number one sign: the cherry blossoms are out. When the streets are lined with pink trees, spring is here and hockey playoffs are not far off.

But with spring comes the delirious anticipation of summer – the warm nights, the lack of clothing, the patio drinks and the barbecues.

With only a few months to go, it’s never too early to plan for summer. This year, don’t let your friends hog the hosting spotlight. Pimp your patio before July and August, so your deck is the place to be seen this summer.

Start with an extension. More room, means more guests. You don’t use your backyard lawn for much more than the odd bocce game, so extend the wood out.

Feeling ambitious? Look into a hot tub. You can use it all year round to relax your muscles and stargaze.

Is grilling your talent? Boost your capacity with a new barbecue. Add a natural gas line and you’ll never have to fill another propane tank again.

Finally, make sure your wood is properly stained. It’s never a bad idea to restain your deck every five years or so. Do some research, find a stain that brings out the natural colours of your wood, prep your surface and add a new coat to your existing deck.

These improvements will renew your pride in your backyard. It will also improve the value of your home.

Don’t have enough capital to realize your vision? Talk to Alpine Credits about a home equity loan. They can lend your the funds you need to see your project to its completion.

You only have a few months to go before the bathing suits come out, so start your deck preparations early.

The Baron of Backyard Barbecues

Ambitious Nature

Ambition. It’s what drives us. It’s what makes winners. Its what separates the wolves from the sheep and we each have it in us. How we act on it is the question.

Look at Mark Zuckerberg. You’ve probably all seen the Social Network by now. So the guy was a little flawed morally… He had vision, he went after his dream, he defended himself against accusations of intellectual piracy and at twenty-six years old he is worth $13.5 billion. Oh and he can say he invented a little something called FACEBOOK. You may have heard of it. Not bad.

But what if Zuckerberg did not have friends in high places to help finance his pet project? Would he have given up? Probably not. Would he have looked somewhere else for financing? Yes! That’s what ambition does. It pushes us to follow through on what we know we are capable of.

If, like Mark, all you need is some capital to get rolling, talk to Alpine Credits about a home equity loan. Invest the money in your dreams and see where they take you.

One last quick quote on ambition from our good friend Kanye West:

“He’s got that ambition baby / Look at his eyes / This week he’s mopping floors / Next week it’s the fries”

Street Meat

On April 4th, the City of Vancouver will unveil 19 new food vendors who have been given permission to sell their wares on the streets of Vancouver. The announcement comes after a lengthy process by the city to determine which businesses offered the best product for the citizens of Vancouver.

A panel of chef judges, members of the Vancouver business community, activists and food bloggers, chose the winning vendors. The proposals were evaluated on a number of different categories from nutritional benefit to their prepared business plan. Ironically, none of the judges tasted the product.

For a city that loves organic goods, we wouldn’t be surprised if at least a few of the chosen vendors sold local, veggies and fruit.

Although it would be great to see new businesses, the city may be facing a small public revolt if a certain Japadog was left off the list.

The vendors will get to choose their location next week, based on the score they received from the panel. Fingers crossed they release a map of all the different spots, with a brief synopsis of what will be served.

Mmmm... Japadog

Do you have an idea for a small business in a budding niche market? Looking for start-up capital? Alpine Credits can help you. In your business plan, under financing, you can gladly use our name.

Seismic Retrofit

A new survey by Ipsos Reid has found that only one-quarter of Vancouver residents believe they are prepared for a serious earthquake.

After watching the devastating footage released from the horrific earthquake that rocked Japan last week, citizens In Vancouver are doubting their own preparedness level and that of the government. 14 per cent of the individuals polled strongly supported government spending on infrastructure upgrades, while 57 per cent said they were somewhat supportive.

If you are concerned about your personal properties being up to snuff, you may want to consider a seismic retrofit. Whether your property is your own home or a commercial building, you may want to increase the structures reinforcements. Techniques to achieve this result are external post-tensioning, the addition of base isolators and or supplementary dampers to transform seismic energy into heat.

After looking at the costs of these projects you may be a little skeptical about your ability to afford a full seismic retrofit.

No need to worry. You can use the building’s value to apply for a home equity loan. No matter your credit rating, if you own a substantial property, Alpine Credits will lend you the money you require for the upgrades. Fill out an on-line form today and receive your loan within days.

Prepare your property’s ability to withstand a massive quake. It is in the best interest of you and your family.

Searching for Capital Ends at Alpine Credits

Where did you start your quest to raise $10,000? Did you ask your friends and family first? Did you consider a charity event? Maybe a garage sale of all your electronics and manly toys? At what point did you make your way to the bank? Or is that plural – banks?

No matter what your course, you ended with the only company willing to take on your credit rating, Alpine Credits.

They asked you one question: “Do you own a home?” To which you answered yes. And the rest is history. After filling out a simple application, you were approved and received the funds in less than a week.

How good did that feel after all those refusals? Probably amazing! It’s a shame banks can’t look past your credit rating. But if they did, we wouldn’t be in business. So tell your friends, spread the word on the street, yell it from the rooftops, if you need financial help and are refused, your home can secure you a loan with the top home equity creditor in the country, Alpine Credits. Take advantage of their system. Apply today.

Paying For School

You’ve climbed as far as you can go in your company with the education you currently hold, but it’s not enough. It’s not challenging, the pay is too low and without a position to strive for, your interest has started to dramatically wane.

The strange part is, you actually like the company you work for and wouldn’t mind staying if there were a new position to aim for.

The only solution: head back to school to improve your business credentials and increase your potential for relocation to a higher position within your current company.

But school costs money; money you don’t have. But you do have a home and with Alpine Credits, a home and a mortgage is all you need to apply for a Canadian home equity loan.

Even if your credit is terrible, as long as you have been paying your mortgage payments, Alpine Credits will lend you the capital you need.

Don’t close the door on your dream of heading back to school. Apply for a second mortgage and you can afford to pay tuition and take the time off work to reeducate yourself in your current field.

Improve Your Value To Your Company

Signs of Recovery in the Forestry Sector

In a sign that the Canadian economy is still a heavyweight in the resource sector, the Canadian Government is putting money back into the lumber industry. The B.C. forestry sector received five million dollars to develop programs to expand market opportunities with softwood lumber.

One of the projects that will receive this financial boost is the production of cross-laminated timber. This forestry product uses the wood affected by the pine beetle to create timber panels that can be used in commercial and institutional construction.

Richmond Olympic Oval - Built With Pine Beetle Wood

The money will be use to improve the existing technology, so that B.C. has the ability to produce a product that the world will recognize as superior.

This funding boost signifies Canada’s economic confidence. Our country is poised to leave the damaging effects of the recession behind, while forging new markets with product innovation.

If you are looking for funding for your own project, talk to Alpine Credits for an opportunity to apply for a home equity loan. You can use this Canadian credit loan to bolster your own innovative enterprise. Visit their site for all the details.

How Much is Your Home Renovation Worth?

One question to always ask before starting a renovation is: “Will this project improve the value of my home.” In other words, ‘by pouring money into my kitchen upgrade, will I be able to sell my home for a price that is equal to the current value plus the price of the reno?’

The Appraisal Institute of Canada offers a nifty app to calculate the average return on a home renovation project. The institute suggests that bathroom renovations of around $30,000 will net you a 75 to 100 per cent return. Swimming pools and driveways are lower at 25 to 50 per cent. Skylights may be great for bringing in more light, but often their return can be close to zero.

Like anything in life, improvement is always the end goal. If you are planning a home renovation, do the research and find out how much your pet project will actually end up costing you when it comes time to sell.

Once you’ve plugged the figures and contacted a third party advisor, you will be ready to apply for the appropriate funding. Your first stop should be with the credit specialists at Alpine Credits. Alpine Credits will allow you to use your home as equity for you to borrow against. The money you receive will go to improving your investment and your current living experience.

Bathroom Demand Is On The Rise

We Have A Winner!

Alpine Credits would like to congratulate Gabbi Hockman, the winner of our Home Renovation Contest. Gabbi submitted a photo of her newly redone kitchen, featuring a freshly tiled floor and counter backsplash.

Gabbi recently finished her master’s degree and decided it was time to upgrade her four-bedroom home. Along with the improvements to her kitchen, Gabbi also repainted the entire upstairs of her home. She had professionals install a new hot water heater, electrical box, sani plus pump and multiple light fixtures.

Gabbi had help financing her project. Her family gave her a gift card to Home Depot on the completion of her schoolwork. Other friends got together and bought her mortar to tile her kitchen as a birthday present.

Some of us may not be as fortunate to have such caring and giving family and friends, and occasionally we have to look for other means to finance our home improvement projects. If you fall into this category and are looking for a loan to improve your home, consult the personal financiers at Alpine Credits. Alpine Credits will allow you to use your home as equity to apply for a loan that will allow you to make the necessary improvements to your living space.

Your kitchen deserves to look as good as Gabbi’s. Apply for a home equity loan to improve your home. It will be the best investment you ever made.

Gabbi Hockman's Kitchen Renovation

To see all of Gabbi’s photos and read a little bit more about her renovation project, visit her blog at: Domesticated Academic.

Two Excellent Vancouver Restaurants Bid Adieu

In a sign that everyone has monetary troubles from time-to-time, even the finest restaurants in the city, db Bistro and Lumiere have decided to close their kitchens for good. Both restaurants will shut their doors permanently on March 13th.

But while the city will mourn the loss, another fine French establishment that we have yet to hear of will undoubtedly fill the vacancy.

That business might need an initial boost and one of the lenders they might seek will be Alpine Credits. With a home equity loan, owners and investors can put together the capital needed to make a blank canvas into an inspired piece of culinary art and interior design.

If you are looking to pick up the gauntlet, contact Alpine Credits for your own home equity loan application. You can borrow against the money you have already paid into your initial mortgage. Your house is your bargaining chip and your golden egg. Make it work for you. Contact Alpine Credits and create your own customized menu for bringing your small business to the table.

Editors Note:

I had the pleasure of sampling db Bistro’s wares last year at Dine Out Vancouver. What an amazing meal! Thank you.

Final Week of the Home Reno Contest

We know you’re busy with all life has to offer, but a simple picture could make you $200 richer. Use your phone, take a Polaroid and mail it to us, borrow your neighbour’s camera and split the winnings. All we want is a picture of your latest Home Renovation.

Alpine Credits wants to see what you’re capable of creating in your own home. Dazzle us with your precision cuts and your tasteful colour palette. But it doesn’t have to be the Sistine Chapel. A simple plank ceiling would do. Send us photos of your crown molding, the new stairs to the basement, your aggregate front steps, even your new driveway.

We just want to see the work you’ve done to improve the value of your home. You have less than a week to send in your submission. So hurry. Snap your work and post your photo on our Facebook wall. Our judges will review the entries in the first week of March and announce a winner.

Good luck.

Your Home Renovation Could Pay You $200

Vancouver is the World’s Most Livable City

For the fifth straight year in a row Vancouver has been voted the most livable city in the world. But what does that mean for the local citizen? Sure we live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, with an excellent healthcare and education system, but what about all the extra added attention to our city?

It seems that the cost of living is higher than ever, the housing market is almost impossible to crack and the HST has crippled some small businesses.

With the influx of visitors and new residents, the tourism payoff is bound to improve many of the local industries, but it is often hard to gather enough capital to start a business.

Thats where Alpine Credits comes into play. If you own a home and are looking to finance a new business venture, Alpine Credits will lend you money depending on your home equity. That means we will grant you a second mortgage where you can borrow against the actual sum you have paid off on your original loan.

This money can help you buy property, machinery, business licenses, anything you need to move ahead.

Vancouver is a beautiful city to live in, but if you’re not progressing financially, it can also be a crippling lifestyle. Use your loan from Alpine Credits to boost your financial worth. Talk to a credit advisor today.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Alpine Credits Home Renovation Contest

Alpine Credits wants to give you $200 for a simple photo of your latest home renovation. That’s right, $200 for a view at your handiwork around the house. Send us your photo, along with a brief write up on how you increased the equity of your home and you can win $200 to spend any way you like.

(New power tools!)

With the win, your photo will be featured on our blog for the entire world to see.

Why? Because your kitchen literally took four months to finish. You’re proud of it. You’ve showed it to all your friends. Why not increase your audience?

What if anyone with an Internet connection could visit your cooking area and marvel at your tile work, drool over your molding cuts and gaze in jealous awe at your granite tops.

Here’s your chance to show it off and inspire others.

Think big and enter Alpine Credits’ Home Reno Contest.

Visit our Facebook page, post your photo and give us a brief write-up on how you made a mess hall into a masterpiece.

We know it was hard going and it took time to raise enough capital to cover the project, but you did it! And you should be proud.

Mattress Sale in Victoria: Mattress Choice Grand Opening

Putting the last touches on your home renovations? Before you move all your furniture back in, maybe it’s time to replace those tired sagging mattresses you have been forcing your family to sleep on for the last fifteen years.

If you live in Victoria, the process of mattress searching just got easier. An entirely new kind of mattress store has just opened in the province’s capital. Mattress Choice carries only the best brands in the industry at some of the lowest prices you will find anywhere. Their professional advice will help you pick out the perfect beds to fill every bedroom in your house.

Bring the whole family down to their Grand Opening, happening now at their Blanshard location, just inside the Town and Country Shopping Center. Take your time and test-sleep each bed you’re interested in. Mattress Choice’s 90-night guarantee ensures you will stay completely satisfied with your mattress selection. Mention this article and receive two free pillows for each one of your new beds.

Need a little extra capital to afford a whole new mattress-home-makeover? Use your home as equity for a loan and ensure your family’s comfort for years to come. Alpine Credits can help.

Sleep soundly friends and take advantage of the amazing deals being offered at Victoria’s mattress store: Mattress Choice.

Mattress Shopping in Victoria